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    • Nikon transitioned from Li-ion01 to Li-ion20 some time in 2013. At one point I had one each from different months in 2013. But I no longer have that Li-ion01 one, as I exchanged it for a new Li-ion20 type in 2016 as part of the D500 owner program. I still have one Li-ion01 from 2010.
    • At the beginning of May, I was shopping for a mirrorless system to supplement my F mount lenses(which aren't going anywhere) but specifically wanted DX for size and weight reasons. I actually took a serious look at the ZFc and the Z50, with a nod to the former as I like my Df a lot and a few respected reviewers compared the two cameras favorably but in particular with a lot of the annoyances that are commonly cited with the Df controls addressed. In the end, I went...well...a lot more expensive and in a different direction since I was less than impressed with the DX Z-mount lens line up. The 12-28 was announced while I was looking but of course availability was a few weeks away(and I wanted it for an end of May vacation) so ultimately went a different direction. I know there are a lot of FX format Z mount lenses, and there's a good argument for investing in that direction for if I do eventually move to Z mount FX cameras, but my principle concern was size and weight(which is why I was shopping for DX in the first place) and many common Z mount FX lenses don't have much(if any) size or weight savings over their F mount counterpart, and of course an FTZ gains nothing in that department.   There is a company that makes a well APS-c mirrorless line, and in fact has a big focus on it and more importantly to me offers a lot of models conventional button and knob controls. After a lot of back and forth research, shopping, etc I finally bit the bullet and bought Fuji X-T5 and 16-80 f/4 kit. I've bought a cheap "dumb" F mount adapter that I've mostly used with AI/AI-s lenses although want to research the more advanced adapters that are supposed to allow some control over my G/E/AF-s lenses. Although I used the camera a lot around home, after taking it out and shooting nearly 2000 photos on a trip(I know not many for a lot of you but generally a lot for me) I have a lot of annoyances with it. It's definitely positioned-both by price and specs-as a higher end body than the ZFc-and many of my issues are "it doedn't work like Nikons." Still, though, I find myself constantly annoyed that my Nikons seem to just do what I tell them(i.e. release priority means release the shutter when I say to, not try to AF and then refuse to fire if you can't) where the Fuji seems to always in the back of its mind seems to second guess me and sometimes fight me to get it to do what I want. There's also how touch instant MF over-ride is compared to what I'm use to on AF-s lenses, and that if you bump it accidentally and, for example, are using BBAF(which isn't "true" BBAF like Nikons and can still jump to the shutter release if you hit the buttons in the wrong order) you have to release and repress to restart AF whereas if you let go of the ring on an AF-s lens it will return to AF. There's also the fact that 15fps looks impressive on paper, but the camera gets REALLY warm even with a handful of relatively short bursts and seems to slow down/get sluggish until it cools(even in single shot mode, and yes this is after the buffer has offloaded to a UHS-II card). That's compared to my D5, which could shoot at 12fps all day and not break a sweat. I've also questioned, and it's still an open question for me, how much value 40mp offers in an APS-C camera(which is around ~80mp by my back of the envelope math with the same pixel pitch on a full frame sensor) and if it's really just churning out big files without a ton of added detail over a the earlier 26mp Fuji sensor or Nikon's excellent and now well loved 20mp sensor that I think first showed up in the D500 and now seems their DX go-to. I know I have to basically do everything right, including my best lenses used at their sweet spot and generally on a tripod to see a meaningful difference in detail between my D850 and D810 or even D800. I say all of that for a reason, though, and not to bash the Fuji-which is a great camera at the end of the day. I never felt like Nikon was great about fleshing out their DX DSLR line-up. Yes, you had the plastic fantastic kit lenses and some occasional decent even if consumer oriented ones like the 35mm f/1.8, 10-20mm AF-p and 10-24, but a lot were plastic fantastic kit lenses, so-so super-zooms like the 18-200 and 18-300 that were built to high-end consumer standards, and the nice well built lenses like the 12-24 f/4 and 17-55 f/2.8 seemed to languish in their early to mid 2000s form that worked okay with 10-12mp cameras(like the D200 and D300)without an update that paired them well with newer 20mp+ cameras. This is the second DX Z mount lens Nikon has announced in as many months by my count, and even though this one seems a consumer lens(not a pro-grade weather sealed one like the well regarded 23mm f/2 Fuji) it's also faster and half the price of the Fuji. Even though I generally prefer metal mounts, I don't get too bothered by plastic especially in an otherwise good but budget minded lens. I seem to recall a Lens Rentals blog post that said something like "Yeah, we see more broken plastic mounts, but they're also easy to replace and less likely to damage the lens or camera." If I'd seen that Nikon seemed to at least be fleshing out their DX line-up a bit more, I might have been inclined to give the ZFc a more serious look.
    • There is another YouTube video on the Z8 and the 400mm/f4.5 S, but for sports (baseball) photography. The photographer, Manny Ortiz, also uses Canon and Sony equipment, and there is some comparison. He likes the 400mm/f4.5 S a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPEGafx4DpE  
    • Syracuse NY samsung Galaxy S20
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