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    • I agree with Though other peoples' experiences may sway your choice, I think those experiences without explicit detail of gear, cost and age, will be mostly irrelevant to your situation. I have an EOS20D, still working well, 20+ years old now. The original batteries (2) died a few years ago. I bought third party, got a good deal on line, buy one and get the second for 20%off price; the 20D owed me nothing, if the new batteries fired the camera, I would be annoyed, but, this particular model of third party batteries seemed to perform quite OK according to reviews etc. I also own recently released Canon Mirrorless cameras, for those cameras I bought extra batteries, Canon batteries. Using Canon batteries in my new cameras avoids any warranty matters being disputed, also, Canon warrants correct performance of both the Camera and the Batteries. I think it is a question which comprises risk management and value for money. The risk management and value for money criteria for buying accessories will vary. These choices are mainly dependent upon: > the Age of > the Relative Capital Investment (value) of > the importance of accurate performance and reliability of the tool(s) for which the accessories are being purchased. WW                 
    • I'm sure it will. Good point. I deliberately specified American because it led better to the thought/fear I expressed in the last sentence.
    • I've hammered out quite a few filter ring dents using a rounded piece of wood, dowel, or hard plastic (like the flat handle of a toothbrush) then carefully tap out with a jeweler's hammer. A vise with rubber jaws can help. With some lenses, the front of the barrel (with the filter thread) can be unscrewed, or may be held in place with several screws under the trim ring.
    • I think it will be a staple in many History Books, not just American.   I also questioned the validity of the quoted 1/32,768th of a second Shutter Speed, but I didn't proceed to dissecting the claim: appreciate the analysis provided by Ilkka. Maybe this was simply advertising hype by Sony, taking advantage of the situation. Apropos the Image per se, I agree - "pretty amazing" - and I add, combination of (in no particular order of priority): skill, luck and - being in the right position - which might be skill and/or luck. WW      
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