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  1. Great art. I like every bit of it. It speaks. Bravo.
  2. Wayne Sadler

    Kepuhi Point.jpg

    Thanks, Pierre. One of those images I thought captured the spirit of the place and me at the time.
    Not sure I can adequately express why this is so good - the soft effect, the slightly muted hues, the brilliant composition leading the eyes. Masterfully done, Shafique.
  3. Wayne Sadler


    Thanks, Pierre. I am trying to use my art to help me understand this zen way of "seeing/being".
  4. Wayne Sadler

    the instrument.jpg

    Thanks, Pierre. Another image where the quote inspired the image.
  5. Wayne Sadler

    the route.jpg

    Thanks, Pierre. You mention the things that struck me about this scene.
  6. Wayne Sadler

    the visitors.jpg

    Thanks, Pierre. I value your opinion.
    Well worth the effort.
  7. Wayne Sadler


    I often reserve comment and ratings for those artists and images evidencing extraordinary talent. Evgeni, you are one of those with an extraordinary talent. Thought you should know.
  8. Wayne Sadler

    Kepuhi Point.jpg

    Kepuhi Point – haiku Somewhere north of here I stand alone and can feel The universe breathe (on the North Shore/Princeville – Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi)
  9. Wayne Sadler


    At first I thought rice, then I thought taro, then the place enveloped me and I thought nothing. - WES “Any experience of reality is indescribable!”- R. D. Laing (Kauai, Hawaii)
  10. Wayne Sadler

    the visitors.jpg

    Some visitors to the Kīlauea Point Lighthouse in Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi must make reservations and wind their way along a narrow lava peninsula. Some come and go as they please. The 9,000 pound Fresnel lens once rotated on a bed of mercury and compressed air and shown light of 250,000 candle power. Now, the Kīlauea Light no longer rotates and is lit only on ceremonial occasions. Yet all manner of visitors crowd the cliffs and sky to experience this historic place. (Given the effort some visitors must make to visit this location, I felt this “painting” should in someway feature them.)
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