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  1. Memo to self - check, then double check, which disk you have selected before hitting 'Format' !
  2. Thank you very much ! Data recovery software now running - very slowly !
  3. Apologies - major data issues, so no access to images. Please can some kind soul start this weeks' thread (or not, as the case may be !). Thanks. Tony.
  4. Pardon my asking, but this image appears to originate here : https://www.alamy.com/person-picking-out-colorful-candies-displayed-at-ancient-jerusalem-city-image444009136.html Are you the original photographer, please ?
  5. The Noble and Esoteric Order of Dagon
  6. Can't view this image - says I need permission ! T
  7. Sadly, these days it seems that 'rudimentary photographic knowledge' is possessed by fewer and fewer people - I have spoke to students at our local art college who bemoan the fact they are being taught using manual cameras, asking 'What's the point ?' In so many walks of life, thought is actively discouraged.
  8. I think you missed my point - I was indicating that, as the equipment was made by professionals, whereas I was the result of random chance, any faults are more likely to lie with me rather than the kit I am using. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  9. I occasionally read posts where someone either has problems using their equipment, or is dissatisfied with the results obtained. For me, the issue is easily explained : The equipment was built by experts - I was not. Therefore, the problem is more like to reside with me than the equipment. Thoughts, anyone ?
  10. 'You're nicked, me old china !'
  11. Walking up was hard enough !
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