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  1. Just wondering what happened to my uploaded images?  I have none on my page.

    1. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      Click on your avatar, then the images tab.  You have several pages of images.  If you don't see them at first, Right click and Reload.

  2. I found my way basically OK.. I really like that I can add multiple images simultaneously The auto "sizer" is welcome as well .


  3. How do I see a photographer's body of work as in the past ?



    1. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      Click on their Avatar, then the Images tab.  You might have to right mouse click and then reload.

  4. Hello I've just dropped on my acc and I can't figure out how to upload my images anymore except writing some statuses?

  5. Hi PN Community,

    I'm a bit frustrated because after about 2 months since the launch of PN v3, I can't access my previous galleries, images, most functions don't work. I'm wondering if others have recommendations for an alternate platform. I'm thinking maybe Flikr or PBase. Any tips?

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    2. clayton_m


      I've tried on Windows and Android, but no luck. 

      Will galleries be restored?

      Do profile and cover photos need to be reloaded by me manually?

      What about meta data, search words, dates, locations, etc?


    3. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      I am simply a long time volunteer, but some guesses.

      I do not believe the old galleries will be restored

      You will need to reload profile and cover - I, and others have loaded new or old profile. 

      I will have to check Cover, I don't know about meta data, search words, dates, locations' not something I used, but I have seen some in this iteration of PN.

      Here is what I see when I click your avatar and the image tab


    4. clayton_m


      Okay, I found the images tab now. Thanks for your help. 

  6. I'm just getting back on photo.net and am having trouble seeing all my stuff.  I see some of my recent posts with comments, but can't see my whole body of work.  Thanks for any help.   Sam

    1. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      Click on your Avatar, then the images tab, if you don't see them, right click and reload


  7. Le mie foto erano divise in piccoli album  ed ora non riesco più a visualizzare nulla.  Sono deluso !!!

  8. EOM

    1. gwen_shafer


      I’m getting up to speed on new layout

  9. Thanks for your great work, but I, as an author, have a complaint: Why can't we see the EXIF of our works?

  10. Hi,

    could we have a function allowing to save drafts of posts? Maybe it's already there, but I could not find it.

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    2. je ne regrette rien

      je ne regrette rien

      Thanks, that's what I do as well.

      I was just thinking that the previous photo.net had such a feature. Maybe Martin wants to consider it, I don't know how complex that would be.

    3. Wayne Melia

      Wayne Melia

      Similar to Sandy, I use notepad; then copy and paste.

    4. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      This looks like it came up again somehow.  If you are typing something in reply, and leave the post for another thread, as I just did this one, when you return and click on the text box, your partially completed message is still there.  mjensen has apparently been re assigned.  I will see if there is an lever I can reach to improve the function, though typing it elsewhere isn't bad.

  11. I'd like to share one of my galleries with someone. How do I access and get a link? Also, will my previous profile and cover photos get restored or do I need to set up new ones. Can you give us an idea how long to expect before the site is fully functional? I may need to switch to an alternative.

  12. I love the editing feature, which is again available! Sometimes posts need to be corrected or improved, most of all the ones I write, which may turn out quite long and unclear at times.

  13. This is my first visit since this format change. My online portfolio here is gone. The photos from it loaded once after a delay, but when I clicked on one, I got a dialog that said something like i didnt have rights to this photo. When I tried to access my images again, they're just all gone. All but 2 most recent uploads. Can I get these back? It was an important collection to me, on a trusted platform.

    1. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      You appear to have nearly two pages of photos, 39 if I counted correctly.  One was Hidden for some reason, I had the same in my photos.  I unhid yours.  If you click on your avatar, then images, you should see your images. If not, right click and reload.  The images can be copied and pasted or linked. Things are still in flux with work on the site yet to be done. mjensen is not online so I took the liberty of replying. 

    2. jonathan_stampf1


      Thank you very much, I do see the 2 pages of photos now. But when I click on one of them, I still get Error code: 2G188/1.

    3. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      Not a high tech guy anymore, you could google the error code and report to mjensen, or ask some of out tech members.

  14. how do i get to my gallery? what happened to my public link? 

    1. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      Click on your avatar, then images, if they don't open at once, reload the page.  I have no idea about your link.  mjensen will most likely know.

    2. Life Photo-Documentaries

      Life Photo-Documentaries

      Good afternoon,
      I have same inquiries..
      THank you.

  15. From nacefoto@hotmail.com

    Where do I access my images? What is going on?

    1. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      Click on your icon and then images, you may have to reload if they don't appear initially.

    2. nacefoto


      Sandy, Do you know how I can get my site working again? Is it still possible to have galleries?

    3. Sandy Vongries

      Sandy Vongries

      What you can have now is called Albums, but basically similar.  Unfortunately, you can only populate an Album, or contribute to one of the themed Galleries with uploads from your computer, not on site images.

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