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  1. "I recently purchased a Used Nikon D750 in excellent + condition from KEH..." I sent it back after talking with KEH. Apparently this was also one of the cameras that Nikon re-called due to a faulty shutter mechanism. KEH said they will send me and exact replacement. This is the third time I had to go through this with KEH in recent years ! Their website might have improved, but their QA is not what it used to be.
  2. The dynamic range of this camera is incredible which is the main reason I purchased it. I use the pop-up flash often to balance out high contrast, or back-lit scenes if possible. Also for outdoor portraits, if you turn down the popup flash to lets say -2EV you can get some nice 3D looking shots where the subjects seems to jump out from the background. I checked again today and the popup flash seems to be working fine, but I'll call KEH and let them know. I'm under warranty for 90 days, so I got plenty of time. Right now I need to go throught the manual to see what else might be wrong. The learning curve should not be as steep, since I already own the Nikon D7000 and the Menu system and functions are similar. The size and weight are also about the same, except the D750 is full frame !
  3. Believe it or not, 3 quick raps on the side of the camera seemed to have solved the problem, but I'm not 100% sure yet. Hey, just call me The Fonz !
  4. I recently purchased a Used Nikon D750 in excellent + condition from KEH. Everything seemed to be working OK until I hit the flash button and the pop-up flash did not pop up ? I heard a click, but thats about it. I was able to force it open with my fingernail and the flash does work, but after paying all that money, it's a little dissapointing. Should I send it back, or does anybody have a work-around ? One guy on Youtube recomended squeezing the back of the pop up flash while pressing the flash button. That seemed to work for a while, but for a while only. Now it's stuck again. Not sure if KEH has another model in the same condition ?
  5. Are they using our photos stored on iCloud to generate Ai Pictures ??
  6. This is what I dug up: The vast majority of cameras use the standard thread, where the cable release has a 5/32” tapered male thread. This standard has been around for well over 100. years!
  7. Pentax Forums seems to be doing fine with their website, so they must be doing something right ...
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