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  1. this one jumped right out at me... it communicates a lot even though it shows little. here's my one suggestion: since the bottom of the photo (the ground) is black, why not add a little at the bottom, to make the strip of ground wider. it might balance things out a bit.


    harm, i'd try applying a warming filter in PS, overall it's too green as it is, at least to me. of course, since the title is "green", maybe that's what you're going for. hope that helps.
  2. nathan and william, thanks. i did almost nothing in ps, just rotated and cropped a bit. the blur comes from the speed of the car and slow shutter speed. the camera was balanced on the dashboard.

    thanks again for commenting!

    Wind generators

    i understand the crop now that I've read your explanation on your website. this scene might be worth stopping for, next time you're nearby. I'd like to see a little more of the valley floor (the ground at the bottom of the poles). A polarizer may also get rid of some of that haze and make the sky more blue. all that said, this is a great catch from a moving car!

    Porch Frog I


    taken at night, nothing but a red christmas light to light the shot,

    so i tried to correct the color a bit. also, i cropped out the

    lightbulb thinking it was a distraction. any suggestions? you like?


    i really like this, the foreground building is bold, the sky is great, the road too. i wish the barn in the background was just a little further to the left, maybe cropping a litte off the left would improve the balance.

    Bird Line

    Vrindavan and janet, thank you both! I was a little disappointed with the focus too, although I wanted the range of focus to be a little more shallow, and have the first bird be the one in focus... but it turned out the third one was sharpest. i guess it still works well though. thanks again.
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