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A small farm shack in Circleville, south Utah.


A small farm shack in Circleville, south Utah.

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I like the photo but it left me wondering what the scene would look like with the mountains included. Nice colors.
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i can see where thai is coming from, but for me, i don't need the tops of the mountains. this is nicely balanced as-is, and definitely makes me want to be there.
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Well the original shot had the tops of the mountains with the sky.


I purposely cropped it out, I didn't want what I would describe as three transitions (sky->mountains->foreground) I wanted two (mountains->foreground).


I suppose if I left you wondering where the mountains end.. that's a good thing :)

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A well balanced photo with good color. I like the feel of solitude that you get when looking at it. Nice job. I would not change a thing.
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