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  1. The minarets at the University of Tampa, from across the river at

    Kylie Park. I know it's a bit grainy, i was using too high an ISO

    setting. Any thoughts on removing that grain? I applied a gaussian

    blur, it helped a little.

  2. i think the out of focus plants in the foreground are distracting. adding something in the foreground to add interest is a good idea... but i think, at least in this case, it should probably be in focus.

    Kiger Gorge

    never heard of this place before... i'll have to put it on my "i'll get there someday" list. great picture, love the shadows from the clouds... although it may have been nice if the foreground was lighter (that is to say, if that cloud wasn't in the way... i'm not saying you should lighten it). nice portfolio too... there's so much beauty in that corner of the country.
  3. michael, i find it a bit cluttered. the flying and standing bird make nice subjects, but the power lines, bridge, boats, etc all draw my focus away. the suggested crop helps, but i'd suggest a different background, or maybe zooming in tighter on the birds. hope that helps.

    Flying Cart

    thanks everyone for the comments. just in case anyone is confused by the photo, here's an explanation. everything, except half of the cart, is a reflection. I found the cart half-submerged in the hillsborough river and then lined up the shot. although, for a few minutes today at work, i did have my friends convinced that I tossed the cart off the roof, then took the picture as it flew through the air!


    the woman adds a lot of interest... makes you wonder what she's looking at. i'm not sure you need the second person, i think his presence takes away from the photo.
  4. i really like this photo. There have probably been a million pics taken of haystack, but I bet very few include the parking lot! the slight yellow/peach tone also works well... makes me wanna hang out on the beach at night.


    there are several things that I like: the motion in the water (thanks to the slow shutter speed), the placement of the rock to give foreground interest, and how that rock balances with the waterfall in behind. I am a bit distracted by the hazy appearance of the upper left corner--i guess too much light up there. you could probably fix it in PS if you experimented a bit.

    Beach Combing

    yeah, it would be better if the silhouettes stood out a bit more. but i also had another thought: consider some cropping, so that you have 33% sky, 33% waves, and 33% foreground. then ignore the fact that that only adds up to 99% :-) I think the result might be interesting. thanks.
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