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  1. stephen... the cascade is beautiful, especially where it splashes into the water below. i think the leaves on the trees look a little blurry though.


    as a side note... your entire waterfalls folder is great. i've seen a few of these waterfalls in person--oregon is incredible, isn't it?



  2. i worked extensively without making many major changes to this one.

    brightening and increasing contrast on the lower portion, without

    blowing out the clouds was challenging. does this work, or does it

    look too "processed"? thanks for your comments and ratings.


    great sky, beautiful mountains, very nice photo. only one small suggestion-- it would be nice to have just a little more space between the reflection and the bottom of the frame.

    Firozkouh Road

    very interesting to see images of a country we don't normally see much of, here in the u.s. as for this photo, the sky is a bit too bright, which creates that blue hazy look on the mountain peaks. i'm intrigued, though-- it looks a lot like southern nevada and arizona.



    donald, straightening the horizon helped, but it still looks crooked, i suspect it's an optical trick based on the shape of the sandbar/island. maybe crop out the horizon altogether?


    as for the cooling filter--i would have recommended the opposite, a warming filter. It all looks too blue to me.


    all that said, i will complement you on finding a unique angle. it almost looks like a winding road, which I think is why I clicked on it in the first place.



  3. thanks all for your input. I can't quite decide whether to keep the frame/title format or drop it, i've received feedback pointing me in both directions.


    if you like this one, also see my other colorado folder for another of the same bird, which was ironically perched on a sign titled "layers of life". that one doesn't have a frame/title, simply because I thought the text in the picture did a good enough job titling it.


    again, thanks all!



  4. you have several great photos of an area of the country most people think is flat and boring. very impressive. as for this one, i'd suggest cropping out about half of the sky. not much going on up there, and without it the mountain and flowers would be more prominent. besides the crop, i think it's great.
  5. andrew,


    as for the log, that's just where it was. i couldn't do anything about it. Pictures taken from an angle didn't offset the log enough-- in other words, it just looked crooked. and if i went too far to the side, the falls themselves didn't stand out properly, at least in my opinion.


    the exposure: yes this was as slow as I could go with such bright light (and I used an ND4, which I think I forgot to mention in the technical info). It was just enough, although a little slower may have been even better.


    as for the frames, i'm experimenting a bit, posting both framed and non-framed versions to see if the ratings change. i guess it's an instant turn-off to some people.


    at any rate, i'm glad you were intrigued. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. patricia... i take it as a great complement that you took so much time and effort considering my photo! I'm not sure i like it quite as sharp and bright as your version, however when comparing the two, i agree-- mine is a little flat. I'm going to crank it up a bit. thanks again for your input!
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