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Image Comments posted by danielwoodrum

    Falls of golgota

    it bothers me a bit that the foreground is out of focus. you could have taken two pictures and merged them in PS, so that everything was sharp. otherwise, a nice shot well captured!


    it took me a moment to notice the shadows of the bridge on the water... i like that. I'm not crazy about the lower left corner (a wall or curb or something?)... maybe some cropping or stretching the bottom part of the pic could get rid of it.
  1. thanks knicki. i'd almost forgotten that I posted this. I took this one with my old point&shoot nearly 1 1/2 years ago... if I took it again I'd add a little more of the foreground.

    btw, i'm honored that you're perusing my folder (i'm a big fan of your work!).

    Monument Valley

    i might have liked just a little more sky. but I think you took this from Artist's Point (or something like that), and I remember when I was there, the landscape was sooooooo big, it was nearly impossible to frame up just one good shot. this photo is great--brings back a lot of memories of that trip for me. thanks for sharing.
  2. I am especially concerned about the appearance of the graffiti (eventhough I think the picture is fairly powerful without it). does itshow up well enough? i think dodging more would look fake. or have Ialready dodged too much?

    your comments are appreciated.

  3. kerry, here are a couple of suggestions. First, you could probably slice off a bit of the sky, it's kinda boring. Second, try adjusting the contrast and the levels. both of these should help you get rid of some of that haziness.

    hope that helps! -d

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