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    ellen, first, thanks for stopping by my portfolio and leaving a few comments.

    I came to your folder and looked through all your photos, and viewed "large" perhaps a half dozen of them, and this was one of them. The thumbnail image drew my interest, and i think you've done a very nice job, specifically since you broke some of those photographic rules (centering your subject and leaving him relatively small). I think this adds to the feeling of being lost inside a tangled mess, which i'm betting, was the whole point. a tighter zoom, a different crop wouldn't have accomplished that.

    Ratings can be frustrating, and a 7/7 is a higher rating than i would award. But there are plenty of unexplained 2's and 3's to go around, too. I'd like to say more, but there's no use in stirring up a hornet's nest, that clearly (after 4 months) is still buzzing. Life is just too short to worry about such things.

    BTW, the only problem I have with the photo is the one leaf that covers part of the cat's face. Not much you can do about that, though.

    Thanks again, -daniel


    kim & kim... thanks for the discussion on quadtones... i've learned something new! btw, beautiful photo, my cats always look sleepy--are you giving yours some of that caffinated water?

    Grand Old Tree

    what a great tree! I think you could improve the shot with a slight crop on the right... as it is now, it's off center, but not quite enough (at least to me). You might also benefit from adjusting the levels a bit. hope that helps!
  1. well, since you begged :-)

    the mountain looks a bit hazy, i think because of the lighting situation. a different time of day might be better. the clouds are great. i think i'd either crop out or remove the tree branch on the right side, the one that's detatched from the rest of the tree. you have some great mountain and nature photos in your folder... montana is on my list of places to visit and photograph... and i can't wait!


    thanks todd. i wish the boat's name showed up a bit better. this old boat was the most interesting thing i saw on a day-long trip up fla's northwest coast. oh well......
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