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  1. i normally don't like lens flare, and i think this image would be better without them, but i also think that in a way, the spots and circles work here... adding to the photo's dreamy quality.
  2. thanks ferrando. I wasn't sure if there was enough difference between the foreground and background rocks to make them stand out. i would maybe have preferred the background be higher or lower, but everything ended up at about the same height. good to know it works!


    Now Available


    i had to remove my own reflection from the window, can you tell? what

    about the angle, how about the crop? this was a spur-of-the-moment,

    one shot kinda photo, but it has caught my attention. your ratings,

    especially those which include comments, are most welcome.

  3. fire fox -- yes the water was cool and refreshing... i kept dipping my baseball cap in it. I took a few of these, some wider than others. I liked this one 'cause I thought getting in closer helped simplify the image, and I could see that detail on the greenery around the water's outlet. i think it is a tiny bit out of focus, now that i look closely at it.


    you're lucky to live in such a place... i'm in florida and nothing but flat land and stagnant ponds around here.


    thanks for commenting!



  4. well, what *might* have worked would be to focus in front, then use a very small aperture, which would increase the depth of field and put more of the scene in focus. that may have helped put the bird and the foreground in focus. However, i like how in this picture the water is out of focus, and by increasing the depth of field you probably would have lost that effect. A better solution --maybe-- would have been to take the picture from a slightly higher position, so that you could crop out that seaweed without trimming too close to the bird's feet.


    i'm talking like an expert on DOF, when I'm really not. I just upgraded to a digital SLR a few months ago and am still learning :-)


    btw, thanks for stopping by my colorado folder... feel free to drop in anytime with those 6's and 7's!



  5. hiro, i'm betting you took this over on the west side of the park, with the headwaters of the colorado river running right beside your feet. i was just there a couple of weeks ago. it's a great place, and i think you found a better shot here than i did, so you get points for originality from me!


  6. martin, when you see 2/2's and 3/3's, just laugh. they are jealous. at least, that's what I tell myself when i receive them (which is every time!) clearly your work is good, and you know it, that's all that matters. as for this photo... the only thing i don't care for is the out of focus foreground. still a great capture! -d
  7. just a bit of sun during my visit... the rest of the time, clouds and

    fog. so what about this pic? my biggest issue is the horizon, it's

    not level, but it's accurate to the landscape. every way I rotated it

    looked wrong, so I decided to stick with it as photographed. Does it

    seem crooked? would you have noticed it had I not mentioned it? all

    your thoughts and ratings are most appreciated.

  8. ... for all your comments. as for it being centered: i agree. i just thought i'd try using a square format on this one, and after i made that decision, i thought the moon looked best centered. i took several pics and plan to put together a wider, landscape type shot that shows more of the trees, and in that one the moon will be offcentered. thanks again everyone!


    it's beautiful yet harsh... and i think if you made it more harsh, you could make it even more beautiful. perhaps try it in b/w, and adjust the levels radically.
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