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  1. Fantastic! Definitely qualifies as an abstract by its design! Brilliant shot!
  2. He can handle it!!! Marvelous shot!
  3. setsail728

    Great shot of this egret! Everything...from the pose, the lighting, sharpness, etc is right on! BRAVO!
  4. Endlessly interesting setting!! Great effect from your processing!!
  5. setsail728

    Beautiful composition! Beautiful shot!
  6. I think he's showing off for the camera!!! Great pose! Great shot!
  7. setsail728


    Great shot! Very sharp!!
  8. setsail728

    Curly Tailed Lizard

    Only 6 inches long and lives in the bushes near my front door. Used to run away as soon as he saw me. Now that he knows me he stays where he is as long as I walk by very slowly! Cute little guy!
  9. setsail728


    Oh I like that!! Marvelous abstract! Bravo!
  10. setsail728

    The Christian Radich

    Gorgeous fully rigged ship in Oslo, Norway in 2012
  11. setsail728

    I C U

    Nice shot!!!!
  12. setsail728

    pleh muzika...

    Good phone shot! Nice perspective!
  13. setsail728

    the gathering

    Beautiful composition!!
  14. setsail728

    Little Blue Heron

    As opposed to a great blue heron. Both beautiful!
  15. setsail728

    Marvelous shot!
  16. setsail728


    Marvelous candid shot!
  17. setsail728

    I think this is the best of your wonderful series! Bravo!
  18. setsail728

    Superb shot of stunning bird!
  19. setsail728


  20. setsail728

    The New Generation

    Mama Mottled Duck and her new brood out for a swim!
  21. setsail728

    next lily

    Great shot!
  22. Wayne, in my view this is one of your best work! Brings back memories of when I visited Venezia! Great “painting!”
  23. setsail728


    What a gorgeous composition!
  24. setsail728

    Cloning Shapes

    How kewl is that! Great abstract!
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