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  1. Ah! Now, if I could only walk through the door to satisfy my curiosity! Great photo! Really draws the viewer's attention and curiosity!!
  2. setsail728

    In the Fog

    Wonderful shot! The lighting is incredible! Well done!
  3. setsail728

    Tricolored Heron

    Thanks John…very eye catching bird both in form and behavior.
  4. setsail728

    In The Fog

    Marvelous shot! Great atmosphere!, Bravo!
  5. setsail728


    Stunning model! Stunning costume! Beautiful photo!
  6. setsail728

    What a strikingly beautiful model. Love b&w here!
  7. setsail728


    Superb shot!
  8. Shedding stamens before withering away
  9. setsail728

    A Limpkin

    Digging for apple snails for lunch!
  10. setsail728

    Great timing! Nice sharp shot!
  11. setsail728

    Great shot!!
  12. setsail728

    I love all the photos you posted today! Great poses. Black and white works so well!
  13. setsail728

    Really like this one!
  14. Nice shot. I love the history of this bird!
  15. Called “snakebird” because of its long, snakelike neck!
  16. setsail728

    end of work - Feierabend

    Great composition and dynamic lighting! Marvelous!
  17. setsail728

    Hmm! Where you been hangin’ out!
  18. setsail728

    Bouquet of Flowers

    What a lovely shot!!!!
  19. setsail728


    Michael….that seems to be the way of the world in all things as of late!
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