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    Giangiorgio, I’ve seen these photos many times now but each time I am awestruck anew! The traditional Sardinian dress is beautiful and the Sardinian people more so! Stay well my friend! Warren
  1. setsail728

    Juvenile Female Anhinga

    Gorgeous waterbird resting in a tree at Wakodahatchee Wetlands Preserve, Delray Beach, Florida USA
  2. setsail728

    Wood Stork

    Large Wood Stork at Wakodahatchee Wetlands,Delray Beach, Florida USA
  3. An artistic sunset in my “backyard” on the south shore of Long Island,
  4. A downspout from the roof of a building to channel rain into a garden
    Giangiorgio, I just cannot stop looking at these works of art captured in your photos. Either here online, or in your book that I have sitting out for all my guessed to see!! Just marvelous!!!! Warren
    The very definition of beauty. I have your book sitting out in my house and I look at it often. Many of my friends are just stunned by your photos in it. As for Sardinian traditional dress, the beauty is unmatched anywhere. Be well my dear friend! Warren
  5. setsail728

    Green Heron

    Palm Beach County, Florida. USA
  6. setsail728

    Dahlias Three

    A chance to concentrate on the architecture of these beautiful flowers with the color omitted!
  7. setsail728

    Wood Stork Chicks

    Still in the nest although starting to fledge. Palm Beach County, Florida
  8. setsail728

  9. Sadly, I don’t know if you can survive as the site as it is now is almost impossible to navigate. I’ve been a member since 2009. Photonet was an absolute pleasure to use. They even had a 4 picture a day upload limit to stop people dumping 5 years of photos on the site (although I think it had more to do with the “storage space” they had.) My point is, I realize that “ownership” may have changed but why did the mechanics of using this app have to change. It was easy and people loved it. Go back to it ( if you can!)
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