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  1. A great image of a great artist, pure art to be admired for a long time, Bravo Pierre, ciao Giangiorgio
  2. This portrait album is enriched with candid portraits with a beautiful facial expression, perfectly lit, Bravo Pierre, ciao Giangiorgio
  3. Another beautiful spontaneous portrait, with a beautiful expression, very good lighting , well done Pierre, ciao Giangiorgio
  4. Giangiorgio Crisponi


    Un altro bel ritratto spontaneo di questo signore con una simpatica espressione del viso, ciao Giangiorgio
  5. Giangiorgio Crisponi


    Thank goodness you wrote that it's ice cream, I would never have figured it out, it could have been an abstract figure. Surely it will have had a good end, ciao Giangiorgio
  6. Giangiorgio Crisponi


    At first glance I also had the same impression as Wayne, a nice, very detailed work, ciao Giangiorgio
  7. Well done Pierre, a beautiful, very sharp portrait of this gentleman with a serene expression, good light and colors, ciao Giangiorgio
  8. Bravo Pierre . A very beautiful image obtained with polar coordinates, the figures of the runners stand out very clearly against the light background, a nice job well done, ciao Giangiorgio
  9. A very nice portrait of this good looking gentleman in slight backlight. I also have difficulty memorizing people's names and it's a big problem not being able to match names with people, I don't think it's dementia because I've suffered from it since I was a boy. ciao Giangiorgio
  10. Giangiorgio Crisponi


    A beautiful candid portrait of your brother-in-law (This is the English term, in Italian Cognato), ciao Giangiorgio
  11. The warrior in the foreground with the Kalashnikov in his hand and the second with the pistol are celebrating some of their victories in the Middle East, you were able to set them very well with a nice composition, Bravo Pierre, ciao Giangiorgio
  12. A fabulous image, for these people time flows both clockwise and anti-clockwise, I am always amazed by your creativity, dear friend please continue to amaze me, ciao Giangiorgio
  13. A beautiful spontaneous portrait of this young girl, you were able to capture the moment of overthinking, Bravo Pierre , ciao Giangiorgio
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