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  1. setsail728


    Excellent shot!
  2. setsail728


    Beautiful shot! Perfect model for this one!
  3. setsail728

    Love the lighting!!
  4. setsail728

    Really like this one!!
  5. setsail728

    Canon 60D

    Great "abstract" in these days of the iPhone camera!!!
  6. setsail728

    A cuppa

    Great subject!! Love the lighting!
  7. Artistic impression of a true work of art!
  8. setsail728

    reflecting Monet

    I know that spot in the Park. Love that view! You captured it superbly!
  9. setsail728


    “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so!” (W. Shakespeare) This “image” is outstanding! Superb effort!!!!
  10. setsail728

    cream puff

  11. setsail728

    Fire and Ice

    Gorgeous scene and a reflection to die for!
  12. setsail728

    Dimming Light

    One of the most beautiful spots on earth. I remember Jasper just this way!
  13. setsail728

    Superb shot! And very sharp!!
  14. setsail728


    I just love patterns in B&W! This one is a grabber!
  15. setsail728


    Great shot!
  16. setsail728

    peacock abstract

    Well done! Marvelous display!
  17. setsail728

    Floating Universe

    Marvelous abstract of what many believe is an abstraction in itself….. the universe!
  18. setsail728


    Just beautiful!!!
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