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  1. Beautiful shot of very ornate bird! Nice perspective showing everything “on display” to great advantage!
  2. setsail728

    Why Me?

    Superb artwork!
  3. Fabulous composition Wayne! You are a master at this technique!
  4. Looking for lunch!
  5. setsail728

    Great closeup! Good lighting! Very sharp shot! Bravo!
  6. A sign of the times! If it wasn’t so sad the photo would have put a smile on my face!
  7. setsail728

    inner glow

    Beautiful shot! Superb lighting!
  8. setsail728

    High Above

    Great pattern in this composition
  9. setsail728


    Cute! And his nose is pinched off from something that smells bad!
  10. Fantastic shot! Great setting with a very impressive looking bird. And extremely sharp photo! Bravo!
  11. setsail728

    Just beautiful!
  12. setsail728

    Incredible Jasper

    I remember this view! Definitely unforgettable!
  13. setsail728

    Wow! What a gorgeous portrait!! Very nice work John!!
  14. In the midst of a color change
  15. setsail728

    A Little Smile

    Fine portrait! Really captures the child’s mood!
  16. setsail728


  17. setsail728


    Really fine artistic work! Congratulations!
  18. Great photo. We have many varieties of egrets here in south Florida but not those. Bravo!
  19. setsail728

    Star Power

    Very dynamic abstract! Feels as if it’s in motion! Nice effect!
  20. setsail728

    Woody Drake

    Nice shot! Gorgeous ducks to photograph!
  21. setsail728


    Just beautiful!
  22. It’s that time of year at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in South Florida
  23. At Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Florida
  24. setsail728

    Tricolored Heron

    At Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Florida
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