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  1. setsail728

    Wow! Were you in the right place at the right time!! I only wish to be able to duplicate your superb shot with the herons around here! Well done!
  2. Marvelous shot! Simply the best! Tack sharp torso with blurred wings showing flight! Close crop too! Bravissimo!
  3. I am (was) a lifelong NewYorker! I must say the architecture of lower Manhattan never looked as streamlined and beautiful as it does in your photo! Seriously, a superb shot!
  4. setsail728


    Very nice work! Love the composition and the lighting you chose! Luv it!
  5. setsail728

    All your photos in this series are marvelous works of art! Bravo!
  6. Marvelous shot! We all hope you can do that shot again soon!
  7. setsail728


    Beautiful shot! Low angle works so well here!
  8. setsail728

    thrush-last free meal

    Superb depth and sharpness. Almost feels “3-D”
  9. setsail728

    In the Morning Mist

    Wow! In 2010 I was on the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo. Unforgettable! I’d wager that’s where this photo was taken!
  10. setsail728

    Another superb abstract! All the shots you just posted are very good!! I envy your imagination!!!
  11. setsail728

    Whoa! You outdid yourself with this one. Hang it on a wall!! BRAVO!!
  12. Great perspective! Marvelous shot of this landmark! I remember it very well!!
  13. Ah yes! I remember it well! Like the tone used for the picture!
  14. setsail728

    Wood Stork

    Decided to spend an hour or so in our backyard. Cool looking birds!
  15. setsail728

    Not sure but they look like Sandhill Cranes. Whatever, it’s a beautiful shot!!
  16. setsail728

    Male Wood Duck

    Landed at water’s edge just behind the house in late afternoon sharp sunlight. Beautiful bird!
  17. setsail728

    April showers!

    Man! You are definitely behind the times!! Solid precipitation is long out of style now (yeah, sure!!)
  18. superb shot! We have Ospreys here but they're always in the air when I see them!
  19. Palm Beach Int’l Equestrian Center. Beautiful place to spend a day!
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