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  1. taken at the gristmill at Cade's Cove. I removed a second person from

    the doorway and a disembodied arm protruding from the window. Hope

    you can forgive that tinkering. Your thoughts are most appreciated

    (although your 3's only provide more questions).


    i imagine the color/effect is a creative choice, and it works ok, but one thing you definitely should consider fixing is the rotation. about 2 degrees clockwise should help.

    The Lookout...


    i recognized this spot instantly! lucky native americans... they had quite a view, didn't they? you did a great job exposing this one, the shadowy foreground gave me a lot of trouble. thanks for sharing.





    Mark, i have two thoughts. One, I'd like to see a little more space between the top of the building and the horizon, as well as a little more space between the top of the highest mountain and the edge of the frame. Two, if you apply a slight warming filter, it might help. Nothing wrong with the image as-is, though. I love these kinds of scenes, and this makes me want to head back to colorado!





    OK, they're not really "pets", but it was the most appropriatecategory, I thought. And they seemed pretty friendly--they probablywouldn't have minded if I had brought them home.


    Yourthoughts are appreciated.

    bricks train

    saeed, this is a great shot that immediately drew my attention. only one suggestion: i'd try using the "skew" function in PS to straighten up the vertical line on the left... just pull the bottom left corner out a bit.
  2. hello jeffrey... you're right. i know a lot more about PS than i did a year ago... maybe it's time to blow the dust off that corner of my hard drive, and take another look at this image. I think i can do better. thanks, -d.


    chris, do you have a grad nd filter? one could have helped here, bringing down the highlights in the sky while keeping the sand a bit lighter. what a great sunset!
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