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  1. i think the puddles add enough foreground interest. clouds are great too--- a lot of variety in the sky. maybe consider cropping a bit off the bottom, to bring us closer to the puddles? or maybe not... i can't decide. thanks for sharing this!


    what a beautiful place... this really makes me feel like i'm there. I'm not sure about the border, i think the photo stands on its own.

    Avebury Orange

    colors in the sky are great, but the foreground looks a little over processed to me. did you try to bring up the shadows? it might look better darker. sure is an interesting scene, are those rocks there naturally or were they planted there?
  2. on this one i removed all the noise in the sky (most of which were

    probably stars that didn't expose long enough). In my folder you'll

    find another version where, instead of blacking them out, i brightened

    them. I'd appreciate comments on both versions.



    Along the trail to Clingman's Dome, many trees have been killed by the

    Balsam Woolly Adelgid, a beetle. This one survived.


    Your thoughts are appreciated, while your 3's only leave me with more




    I'm commenting on the photo of the bales of hay (although when I click "critique" i see a different picture... a PN quirk?)


    Anyway, back to the Ireland photo. Beautiful work. I love pictures that I can explore... this has so much depth. I hope you print it "large" !



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