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  1. I remember my first 35mm.
    Paycheck was small and I spent much time looking at this neat, small Pentax before finally taking the leap. A pricey item for me back then, but well below those professional Nikons.
    Remains one of my favorite little cameras.

  2. Thanks for sharing the ME commercial, Moving On. There never were many SLR commercials as I remember. I think Canon and Olympus had a few. I don't remember seeing Nikon commercials until digital SLRs hit the market. I think Minolta may have had a commercial or two during the Maxxum days. As for the ME (and its all mechanical sibling, the MX), I read about them in Popular Photography (which often had double page ads for them). Years later I picked up a used MX with 40mm f 2.8 pancake lens. Still works, although finder LEDs are dim.
    My first SLR was a Minolta SRT 201 that I bought at cost from family camera store stock in spring of 1978. A couple of months later I bought a Tamron 85-210 f 4.5.
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    Don't recall any Pentax commercials growing up, but do remember the Cheryl Tiegs ones for the Olympus OM-10 and "Only From the Mind of Minolta." I also remember a TV ad for the Mamiya ZE.
  4. Growing up in the great age of magazines, the main influences in my youth were from the full colour adverts featuring story-book situations, with healthy, good-looking people having wholesome fun. Here's a typical Kodak ad from the small selection I've collected. There were quite a few ads in the "Beats talking about it!" series.

    Kodak Ad Pnet.jpg
  5. STARTER.jpg
    Made in France by Lumiere, it was my first camera in 1963
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