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  1. Using up a roll of HP5 in the Nikon N (F) 80. Various lenses including a AF 28-70 3.5-4.5 and a AFD 85 1.8. Tmax developer 1-5 7.5 min.
  2. I promise to stop. New lens. 85mm on full frame.
  3. Playing in the garden. Nikon D610 with an AF 28-70 3.5 4.5. A kit lens for the F100 20+ years ago. This lens has very decent close-up capabilities. This at 70. 4.5 ISO 640.
  4. Nikon D610 with an old Vivitar 70-150 3.8 @ 105 5.6. Yeah yet another shot of the dog. In-camera B&W.
  5. 10th. Nikkormat FT3, 50mm F2 on Foma 100.
  6. Late to the party this week But I have a few from the Nikkormat FT3, Nikon Ai 50 F2 on Foma 100 developed in Tmax dev. 1-5 at a warm 72f (22c). Tmax developer is not everyones cup of tea but the Foma looks pretty good in it.
  7. My iPhone on lens #2 with a bit of screen spreading does a fine job reading tiny print.
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