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  1. For 50mm and 35mm film equivalent 1/250 was the minimum shutter speed to be assured of good sharpness to avoid camera shake. I would anticipate a similar finding for a 75mm lens on 6x6.
  2. My experience is that you can print until the cartridge runs out and the printer requests a new cartridge in order to continue. I have not found this impacts the final print. I think it possible that there are in reality a few missing drops, so part of a line is not perfectly rendered in the correct color, but probably this is only really visible if you take a magnifying glass to the print and search for an interrupted line.
  3. You can invert a plastic tank like a stainless steel tank, if you prefer (I did). The twiddle stick I often used just for the first agitation.
  4. The light during the total eclipse was more like bright moonlight with sharp shadows, as any annular light from the sun is still effectively a point light source at that distance. In Vermont the 10-20 mile view in the distance across Lake Champlain was not in the totality shadow so it was rather like a heavy cloud over the sun where you are with bright sunlight in the far distance. It was to use a tired word, awesome. It was surprisingly easy to get a good shot. I only shot during totality without a filter. If one had been further into the totality shadow perhaps the stars would have been visible, but I don't remember seeing any where I was.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Great tip. I did this and found some corrupted files which SFC corrected. So maybe it will be good going forwards.
  6. According to Adobe my graphics card is OK and I have sufficient RAM. I guess it is a matter of what counts as OK I can do photoediting, but it is slow and crashes are not infrequent. Since otherwise the machine is fine I conclude that it the CPU is no longer really up to the task. It is 11 years old.
  7. Up until the Windows 11 I never had any issue with LR/PS, but my PC is too old to be upgraded to Windows 11, and I think this may be the issue with the LR classic that is now updated to, presumably, run best on Windows 11. I think that the processing speed has become inadequate and as a result I get frequent crashes. I need to get a new machine.
  8. In the US you can carry a gun and violence is absolutely no problem on TV, but show a touch of genitals or erogenous zones and outrage ensures. Then there is a moralistic attitude to drink too. What a weird upside-down society.
  9. A working but ergonomically hopeless camera being better because it still works is fainthearted praise in my opinion. You still won’t want to actually use it. The Minox was a pleasure to use, although I can well believe they do not last forever. I sold mine because I was gifted a Contax T, which was the same idea as a Minox, but with a rather useless rangefinder. That was stolen and I replaced it with a Contax T2. The fancy auto lens jammed one day and that was that, and that was way more expensive than the Minox. I guess the message is to steer clear of fancy P&S film cameras with electronic shutters. I did not bond with the Contax T2 the way I did with the Minox, even when it worked.
  10. Love the look, hated the camera. My favorite P& S was the Minox 35, which has similar capabilities, but smaller, lighter and simple to use, but not likely to get much joy as an object for the glass display cabinet.
  11. Might this disparity be explainable by the much greater installed Windows population? If the problems occur at roughly the same rate in both systems then one might anticipate that there would be many more Windows complaints. To answer this question might be necessary to know how many photographers who use LR are Apple or PCs. I assume Adobe know this. I am not in the Apple camp at all. The only Apple product I like is the iPad. I have had no problems with LR on a PC, until recently but I know this is due to my machine being 11 years old and with a no longer supported GPU. I get the impression that the latest LR classic is very crash prone, but again this may well be my machine, although it fulfils the requirements on their site to be able to run LR successfully.
  12. Any help to their economy is good, even for mere photo stuff.
  13. There is one, so-so shot from Death Valley in the set, so it may be possible. Finding a dark sky might be more of an issue.
  14. I find that a rather comical thought. Like bringing a howitzer to squash a fly. Stop worrying about it. Blow your sensor occasionally and get a sensor cleaning kit if necessary for the occasional clean.
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