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  1. Alternative suggestion : Olympus EM-1 (mk1 or mk2) and a 12-40mm f2.8 pro, or a couple of decent primes.
  2. You've managed to engage the (very useful) button lock. Hold down the menu button for what seems like an extensive amount of time and it will unlock. Same procedure to lock again.
  3. Xpro 1 isn't weather sealed, Xpro 2 is. Played with a Q1, nice, but I prefer my Fujis. Personally, I like the Fuji system, particularly with Chinese manual focus lenses, though I do use the f2 Fuji lenses for work where I need speed and weather sealing.
  4. I use the chest or waist strap (depending on which camera setup I'm using) of my backpack to 'restrain' my camera(s) and stop them swinging around. One quick release buckle to undo and it's free to shoot.
  5. Photo 1 looks like a stitch of two frames, look at the centre line of the road and the wall on the right. Could be anything, even a car, you often see this kind of stitching error on Google Street View. Taken with electronic shutter?
  6. I use electronic shutter (Fujifilm) when photographing quiet concerts, flute and such, no flash though (not possible anyway), as opposed to rock concerts, where I can just about feel the shutter release, certainly can't hear it! Then again, for rock concerts, I'm wearing earplugs, so I wouldn't hear it anyway...
  7. Same old story, I remember ripping Internet Explorer out of Windows 98SE. Not only did it make the OS a lot faster (and it automatically reverted to the Win 95 classic file manager, as if they'd prepared for this eventuality), it also made it a lot more stable. Might be rose-tinted glasses, but I don't recall any stability issues with that machine, it was definitely the laptop of choice for all presentations and group work at university, despite my fellow students all having more recent machines with Win 2k or XP.
  8. Black bottle for dev, clear for anything else? As I use one-shot developers, my setup is pretty simple: developer is in a jug, so if it's in a bottle, it must be stop or fix.
  9. Sounds like it is well overdue a good clean.
  10. If you want to be a concours winner, attention to detail is key:
  11. At the Cow Wash: Festival de l’Elevage, Brive-la-Gaillarde Fuji X-T2, Viltrox 33/1.4
  12. I think I'll just stick to my Fuji mirrorless cameras, with manual lenses (modern or adapted), for something that feels like a 'proper' camera. Smartphone stuck on the back? sounds like the worst of both worlds...
  13. Also interested in what failing and unreliable means. Had a few of my 'built from scrap' systems fail and there generally isn't all that much warning before the magic smoke escapes. Hard drives and fans can get noisy, but the solid state components typically don't give you all that much notice.
  14. The individual components will be warranted, if something is dead on arrival, it's just a matter of returning it to the supplier, same as anything else. Once up and running, electronic components rarely fail within their normal lifespan. Can't really comment more, most of my machines over the last 20 years have been built from scrap and I currently use a Raspberry Pi 400 for all my photo work. OP - if you use Darktable, Rawtherapee or GIMP, give Linux a try, I recommend Ubuntu Studio as it comes with all the photo stuff already installed.
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