Non photographers complains about your gear?

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  1. We have heard about others saying we buy too much stuff, spend too much money, take too much time. It's not your job. It is that time of the year again and whilst I haven't shot slide film for over a year I thought about taking the projector out and giving it a go, got immediately told off. Then I was thinking if in the future I can learn and enjoy this hobby with some studio strobes, can't see that really happening. Many people say to best enjoy slide film is to project them right.

    It doesn't matter who they are. It could be house mates or flat mates, even if the place is my own the partner or wife will complain. Maybe it is little wonder that many hobbyists only have 1 camera, 2 or 3 lenses and a speedlight which they bounce it. Because going on holiday if you spend just that too long on a photograph they again frown about it.

    How is your mileage in this regard? I might need to reverse the car out of the garage and use that. Film guys might think, darkroom?! Taking a room and converting, that's a tsunami waiting to happen if you propose such an idea.

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  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Well, there is an old Irish proverb, and I suspect it is valid across genders "Picking a spouse is like reaching into a bag of snakes, and finding the one that isn't venomous". I got the one - approaching 4 decades. She supports my interests, and I hers, Hoowah!
  3. I don't always shoot, but when I do, I shoot alone. (insert that photo of world's most interesting man)
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  4. What Sandy said.

    I can also suggest getting a cordless mouse - prevents your significant other from wrapping it around your neck.

    Though maybe she'll just beat me over the head with the keyboard instead.

    For me, taking photos isn't a problem, but editing on the computer drives me nuts and sends her absolutely loopy - solution, shoot jpeg, get it right in-camera.

    Film and darkroom hasn't been an issue yet, maybe because I'm clearly doing something rather than just 'faffing on the computer'.

    Finally, when she says 'dinner's ready', switch it off!

    (She reads and occasionally posts - I love you dear.)
  5. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I absolutely avoid negative people whose aim it is to give me their dead cat.

    Ignore and walk away, get new flatmates, look in a different bag of snakes.

    While you're listening to their complaints, they're in control.

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  6. LOL - So right!
    I am absolutely impossible and grumpy when editing RAW, and in the interest of world peace I have accepted that in-camera JPEG is my format - I find the "get it right in camera" approach to be closer to the way I'm thinking when shooting film anyway.
    I find that If you are pleasant to be around, you get a lot of slack. If you can't be pleasant, take it outside alone like Conrad.
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  7. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    My technique has served me well on occasion, though admittedly I currently have no long-term SO, nor plans to find one. When previous incumbents of the post have made comments, I have always said 'I would love you to be more involved, dear - perhaps you'd like to pose for me ?' I would then hand her some 'clothing' in which I wished her to pose - she would take one look, and immediately recall a subsequent appointment, leaving me to peacefully pursue my hobby. To redress (sic) the balance, however, I was always happy to take any photos she requested me to - family, friends, pets etc - and of course they needed processing too ...
  8. I'm one of the hobbyists that only has 1 (current) camera, 2 or 3 lenses and a speedlight which I bounce:). But I do shoot in RAW and post-process.
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  9. I don't give a hoot what most people think about how I do my photography or what equipment I use. Other photographers sometimes want to discuss equipment, usually for legitimate reasons, for example, because they are weighing the pros and cons of some choice. That's fine. I do the same. Some photographers start talking about equipment just because they are having GAS. I usually try to get out of those discussions. As for nonphotographers: if they are sincerely interested, fine. Otherwise, why pay any attention?

    Maybe this attitude is apparent to people because apart from people who sincerely want to know, very few people ever comment to me about my equipment.

    Partners/spouses are another matter, of course.
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  10. Like any other hobby, those who aren't enthusiasts will always find fault in what gear etc, and in how many/much of this or that. Some of my motorcycle buddies swear that they just buy another bike of the same color as the others and nobody notices! Well, not until the contents of the garage overflow into the dining room. ;-0

    As others mentioned, it's best to align yourself with folks of the same ilk; admittedly, that may be difficult (at best) if it means divorcing a wife/husband/partner of however many years. There may also be the option of building your own dedicated shed/shop/studio out back for your hobby, That way at least it's out of sight and out of mind. Until you file a spousal requisition for wall space for your "art"!
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  11. "All I need Is my phone", well, your phone cost way more than my camera.
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  12. Non-photographers?
    What are those and where are they?

    Actually, shooting large black cameras and large white lenses, I usually get asked if I am a professional. No one has ever complained, that I was aware of.
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  13. What! Canon - I officially complain then;)
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  14. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... I just whack 'em in
    the head with my F2...
  15. We are a rare breed indeed let's face it. I'm not sure what is the percentage of people who are interested in photography among the general population, but I would have to say it's less than 3%. That does not include people who use only their iPhones to take pictures.

    Most people don't know anything about photography and could care less. Shutter speed, Aperture ares totally meaningless to them. They don't have the passion for photography like we do. We were all like that once until the photography bug bit us. To them a camera is just a tool to take family snap-shots, or travel photos. Aside from that, their cameras usually sits on the shelf until it starts growing cob-webs. Then they wonder why the camera doesn't work when they decide to use it again, which is once every blue moon...

    When you tell them you are really interested in photography, they pull out their cell-phones, or point-and-shoots and start flipping trough thousands of family photos like there is no tomorrow. Of course when the time comes to take some serious pictures, they want you to do it all for free, since you have a nice camera.

    At weddings sometimes I get treated like a used-car-salesman, or a con-man, but at least I'm getting paid. In their opinion, If you don't have a brick and mortar Studio on Main street, then you are just a hobbyist, or a guy with a nice camera. Anybody can do it(even Uncle Bill), all you have to do is point and shoot AND YOU WANT TO GET PAID FOR THIS OMG ?
  16. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Did once have someone on a horse complain that my tripod was frightening her horse, and asked if I needed a licence to carry it. Suppose it could have been a weapon ...
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  17. +1

    A companion point: When what other people say lingers and/or bothers, it may mean that there's at least a bit of a ring of truth.
    Sorry to hear that ... :eek:
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  18. Yeah, well, imagine how all the people who use cell phones feel when they hear you talk.
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  19. I'm realizing I'm on of the lucky ones that pulled a non-venomous one out of the bag, Sandy. My wife and I discovered a common interest in photography, and in fact it brought us together 30 years ago. I use the word "we" a lot when I talk about photography because she is quite engaged, carries a camera, and often finds the scene that I can't see. We each have our areas of interests, but I'm the dark room - computer person and I rarely get pushback on time spent there. When we did a major reno of the home a few years back she suggested a dedicated hobby room attached to the garage and we spend a "reasonable" amount of time working there on photography and her stained-glass obsessions. So, again, it's not an issue here at home - in fact I get into trouble if I don't bring a camera occasionally. What people outside our home think? Pfffttt....who cares.
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  20. If a spouse of mine, regardless of his hobby or profession, ever described me in this way, heโ€™d be out on his aperture lickity-split. :confused:
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