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  1. Yes slow down and just enjoy it if that suits your style. I have thought of selling it numerous times it just sits here much of the time, sure I might shoot the occasional roll but each time I handle it I cannot let it go. I did get them well depreciated and they might had appreciated in value and the focal lengths are more limited and if one is gonna use it like this one might not need a larger body and a smaller body. BW is cheaper to develop at home also. E6 I am thinking of returning but I will shoot in much much less quantities even if they expire sitting in my freezer will just let them freeze. In the past after some years with no trips I made excuses out just to shoot images and a a bit more freely at the end it wasn't worth it. Shoulda just sat on my fat bum and left it and not waste the film. It is like with general travels people associate with one could take as many shots but after the trip there is only a small handful that you may treasure anyway. Even with digital I don't really shoot a lot of images mind you I am not that into sports, wildlife, events certainly not on travels. Maybe I should up the rate for travel "memories" however. I did the same with 35mm film shooting E6 often I would just shoot 12 frames a day (overseas).
  2. From my usage of the Mamiya RB67 and full frame 24MP I have to agree to what others have alluded to between film and digital. Others obviously would had more experience than I have. I did get 2 shots scanned by an Imacon and everything else an Epson but yes if you want those detail the better scanner has bonus marks. Being expensive I kinda treat it like beer or chicken wings esp when eaten out than what it cost to cook. Every time I take out the medium format camera I cannot offload it. I haven't used my MF camera for a long time though but it is summer here in the southern hemisphere. This is purely amateur fun. For work, oh clearly digital.
  3. Speaking of 10yrs, next month officially is the 10th year anniv of the D600. I don't upgrade cameras often, my previous one was a D70 so a huge upgrade. I am pretty much done with cameras now of any brand. Been in this game since 2004 which was when I got a dSLR the D70 and then after I got into film SLRs with my curiosity how did people shoot those amazing billboards and postcards like sunset and daytime scenes and fashion with it when my local semi pro lab didn't give me those images with color neg film even after trying an entry level film SLR and with Kodak Portra. Which was why I went to a pro lab which was $$ and then I got into slide film. I think that if I ever need a 2nd Nikon I might get a second hand Nikon Z, the thought of a D4 or something doesn't sound wise. At the end of the day my images are just seen on my own screen, share don social media with small sizes or printed to a modest size. I am a lot more deliberate now. I don't go and buy all the focal lengths from 16mm to 200mm and then think if I could expand that list to 400 or 500mm and some lenses both in primes and zooms. Nor do I take my camera(s) out with me on many days unless I have a specific task or shot(s) in mind.
  4. Still not that much as the specific smaller sensor cameras. I had a look at the Sigma website they don't offer Z mount yet. With F mount they offer some DX specific lenses but the primes are just the 16mm, 30mm and 56mm. There is also a use of a more travel friendly compact system for travel and street and just weekends with friends and and family etc.
  5. Yep. Less photography types would find the phones so much easier to use but even if we relate to photographers there may not be many photographers who don't use a smartphone already. However for sure you can make international telephone calls and pay the telco for every minute, you still cannot do video chats, you cannot run Zoom sessions, you cannot share PDF files and web URL links, you cannot email, you cannot eBay, you cannot share your snaps with friends and family. GPS maps can be quite useful for people, language translation, booking accom on the go etc etc. One also cannot keep using the same smartphone for 5yrs or more. I have a mid-range phone bought for $280US equiv first week of January 2017 and it runs Android 6.0 and most of my internet banking no longer works, McDonald's app no longer works, Microsoft Outlook doesn't work either but fortunately I can get my Outlook email via the Gmail app. I have a even older phone that runs Android 4.0 and Google services won't even work including Google Play Store and Gmail and YouTube.
  6. Agree. I got a preowned Fuji XT1. I think Nikon Z is for people who at least have an initial interest of going FX in the future and or if they already have Nikon equipment lying around like a older DSLR or a Film SLR. Even if you limit yourself to DX forever, there are only a few DX lenses, even less if you exclude the DX kit lenses. Yes you can use FX but why pay that difference and carry a larger lens. A Fuji X or a M4/3 camera also have more suitable FLs ie equiv 20m, equiv 24mm, equiv 28mm. Not just the easier equiv 35mm and 50mm.
  7. Not sure if officially but Windows 10 works with firewire, I have a dated laptop here with a builtin firewire. I am able to use the Nikon Scan software, no meddling around with the files. x32 bit works right out of the box with Windows but if you have a modern system that is x64 bit then you need to download the modified drivers. Plus the firewire card issue if you have a modern computer. I don't know about other but my 3yr old entry level motherboard doesn't have PCI slots. Coolscan 4000 here.
  8. Not just the age and health issues. Our club has a nice spread of ages. Not sure if online has a particular audience that engage on there and they are the ones that are more active in photography. The ones that are less active tend to be more passive readers / contributors online. Also not just covid. I've just used this time now to think back in time about what people did and what I did and how it's changed over the years .... Like Gary mentioned. Life gets in the way. Work, laundry and other chores, kids. Weekend kids commitments like sports. Then you have the other activities that people get into like visits to the beach, doing that picnic or that summer backyard BBQ with other family and friends over. The ones I know tend to share images of their trips away like driving away road trips or overseas if they have family there. Women tend to like going away with their girl friends visits vineyards and wineries. Beer and wine festivals and attending sport stadium games etc. Their personal family photos are prob not shared the odd one might thou if it represents a nice portraiture etc. ie a camera club with a photography topic theme in mind.
  9. On social media and on the Internet one hears around all their exciting shoots. Maybe with a model, maybe heading somewhere exciting, maybe doing auroras etc. With covid it has made me stop and think about my hobby and going back to the past revisiting some books and videos and to look at my peers I know in person what they do and why. Do you use your gear often? I have used my gear more often in the past, I would do a drive out just for a sunset or at a time I would go and shoot a sunrise before I head to work or I took my camera to work and shoot during my lunch hour but not now ..... FWIW. I have been with a camera club for over 15yrs. Not sure if that is a closer representation to the overall camera purchaser re: pleasure hobby photography. Those who shoot a bit more might live near a beach which they go for their walk exercises. Mostly shot in daytime rather than golden hour. Those like myself who live in typical suburbia heads out less frequent. You do hear about the 1 or 2 that carry their camera to work and goes shooting after work to shoot streets, grabs dinner somewhere before heading home. The club membership varies from ages of 20s to retirement ages over 70. I'm in New Zealand. The vast majority might only use their cameras with their trips away, summer holidays, or overseas trips like if they are from the UK and they head back to visit friends and family and they do a stopover in Dubai or Singapore for example, plus their own important family events. Equally they might have family in Australia or Asia and they head there. Often thou they might just use their phones and are on vacation mode and still don't use them much. Some our female members likes to go away with their own personal non photography friends to vineyards. With the club, I belong to a small group of 8 people and we establish monthly theme topics that we shoot 6 images to share monthly and we vote and select the better 3 and talk about them. It act as reasons for me to get out with my camera that I might not otherwise do, I probably only use my camera maybe twice a month. Because it's just every other day, every other week, doing errands and life goes on ....... We do have field trips and sometimes overnight with lodging but of the 100 members prob only 12 do those. Your typical beach location sunsets, botanic garden visits, Civic Square meetups, maybe a milky way late night event, maybe if there is a cycle race held in the CBD or a street market fair carnival being held. Like to hear your thoughts :)
  10. I still have my D70 shoulda sold it in 2013 when I went FX in retrospect. I have a F100 FM2n still shoot the odd film but sadly slides are so expensive now. I just prefer slides because WYSIWYG whereas color neg opens up to a lot of possibilities in editing after scan. If one went to a photogenic place admired by locals and foreigners then you know if you got the shot or not and not a maybe that I could just play around with the file in post. I shoot BW but not that ideally. As a hobbyist, I don't have a strong urge to get mirrorless Z. Spent enough already and dSLR works for me it does what I need. It might not be as cool. I don't do video. If it is travel I prefer something more compact anyway. Cheers.
  11. The F4-5.6 I think it is. DC HSM?
  12. 2013 a bit later than some I moved to FX dSLR. I haven't really used my DX D70 and the DX lenses. I have sold off several FX and DX lenses but kept my Sigma 10-20 and my Nikon 35mm F1.8 DX thinking those were the most important ones and well into the future I could get a cheap body and pair it up. Doesn't seem too realistic though. Do you still have your DX lenses? Cheers.
  13. I see so those who are suitable. Quite different to most families when they go on vacations.
  14. So how do you go about it? Do you have compatible individuals that share your interest or is it a balancing act? Allocate a free afternoon? Solo trip? Many hobbyists relate to photography as theme topics right. Maybe their after dinner walks outside in the warmer months or the weekends. They tend to shoot random things. Things like what photography meet-up groups or clubs would do. Topics like "clouds", "action", "minimalistic", "high key", "low key", "warm", "monochrome", "empty space", "triptych", "inside looking out".
  15. I can understand those with a photography interested partner or they might be into bird watching photography can be incorporated into trips quite nicely. Many of us don't have that. How is it like for your trips? Because many see travelling or vacations as opportunities to shoot right. For me it is about a 50 50. 1 other is ok for the trip away while I shoot and they just walk around a bit but trips involving more individuals it's not photography focussed. We might do normal family things and photography just slides in to it quickly or if I head out by myself earlier in the morning or later in the evening. I've been in the camera club scene also for 10+ years. We occasionally have trips away, sometimes a few hours and some are 1 night away with lodging. Many people don't do sunrises as it's not their cup of tea, some shooting and often they get back to socialise or if available they use a nearby cafe. A lot of chit chatting outside as well as they shoot. Even our camera club the attendance rate who went on trips was often below 30% of club membership anyway. Cheers.
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