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    • Here they are. Click the black square at top right for larger image size. https://www.photo.net/profile/145892-ken-krueger/?tab=node_gallery_galleryImages
    • Haven’t visited this site in over 10 years, did all of my photos get deleted by someone as a result of inactivity?
    • Glad to hear it turned out to be a simple hood incompatibility as predicted, and nothing more serious. Hasselblad purists may clutch their pearls at the mere suggestion Hasselblad could "make a mistake" like marketing the CF 80mm hood as compatible with the CF 60mm lens, but perhaps some 60mm Distagon lenses have no vignetting issue with the 80/60 hood while others such as yours do: likely caused by minor internal build differences between lens batches. Point of interest, Hasselblad offered only the shallower round 38-50-60 hood for the earlier C-barreled 60mm Distagon. Tho that might have been more of a practical matter, since the 38, 50 and 60 C lenses all shared the same screw-in Series 8 hood/filter mount while the 80 C lens used the B50 bayonet mount. When shopping for the shallow hood for the 38/50/60 CF lens, you may run up against shifting market trends. The genuine Hasselblad 38-60 hood has little or no availability during periods of high demand, when you either can't find one or asking prices are a bit steep for such a simple piece of plastic. You may want to consider the much cheaper and more available generic knockoff hood, which is a pretty faithful copy of the genuine Hasselblad. See comparison pics of my two hoods below: Chinese knockoff on the left, genuine Hasselblad on the right. Only detectable differences are the copy is just very slightly thicker and generically branded  "For Haselblad", while the genuine 'blad hood has the usual Hasselblad trademarked logo and "Sweden" printed on it along with "38-60". The reflection on the street sign looks like just a faithful image of the bright sun shining off it, not an artifact created by the lens. Easy to overlook in the viewfinder while composing. The 60mm is among the best lenses Zeiss ever designed for Hasselblad, you're unlikely to encounter any significant optical issues with it.  
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