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  1. Are they using our photos stored on iCloud to generate Ai Pictures ??
  2. This is what I dug up: The vast majority of cameras use the standard thread, where the cable release has a 5/32” tapered male thread. This standard has been around for well over 100. years!
  3. Pentax Forums seems to be doing fine with their website, so they must be doing something right ...
  4. There are more than a few kits out there that may fit your needs such as Alienbees and Photogenic. I have both, but there are certainly more out there. These days, Mono light kits are more popular than the traditional Pack-kits where you have to attach light-heads to a power pack. Some of these Mono Light kits can also work with propriety batteries in case you have to shoot in a location with no electricity. Of course the more you spend the more features and reliability you are going to get. Neweer produces some good products, however they have not been around much. For the price, it seems that kit offers a lot, but there is probably a catch at that low price ! In my opinion, it is better to start out with a reliable kit that is going to last you a long time. Also, make sure that kit is upgradeable.
  5. I purchased a subscription of Photshop 24 recently. Unfortunately because of the graphic card on my computer which is not compatible wih this new version, Adobe had to downgrade my subscription to Photoshop 23. I'm still paying the same though...
  6. I found pictures that I forgot I had posted. Also, pictures from very talented photographers who are no longer here...
  7. It seems that the xxx pictures masquarading as art are back again ?
  8. I purchased a Minox B eons ago, but it's still sitting on my shelf needing a CLA. Can you still get a CLA done on these cameras ?
  9. Looks like this site has been compromised ...
  10. Thanks, I'll take a look...
  11. Amazing, I even found one of my post !! There was a member asking how he could gain acces to stuff he posted prior to this new version of PN a few months ago. Maybe this link might help.
  12. Do you realize that whenever you post something on PN it stays there forever online. I have actually gone back to the year 2003 when I first starting posting here and found some of my own posts ! This comes in handy because I have some really old equipment which I forgot how to use. It also made me think about taking my posts a little more seriously. Like it or not, a lot of people Google questions they may have about a certain piece of equipment. After the search, up comes a bunch of posts related to the subject on their screen. Some of these posts were actually written by Photo.net members. Does that makes us celebrities ? No, but I think this website was created in this way so that our posts can help others in the future. Just make sure you don't lead people astray by posting things you are not too sure about, or submit posts with a lot of typos. Not sure about the flame wars ? I have not run into any in between my searches, but I'm guessing they might come up too ?!
  13. hjoseph7


    very nice high-key portrait. Well done !
  14. Wow what a beautiful camera, I just wish I had the $3200 lying around...
  15. Those huge file sizes don't suit the type of photography I do very well. I often have to download my images to the corporate server and I can tell you it's not a very pleasant experience especially if you have HUGE file sizes...
  16. OK thanks, I'll try that. The whole thing seems like a shakedown to me ?
  17. You don't really have to buy a brand new camera, although brand new camera's usually come with a warranty, a manual and you don't have to worry about hiden problems. However, what would you rather drive a used BMW, or a brand new Toyota Corolla ? Sometimes you can get more bang for the buck buying used, just saying.
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