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Longmont, Colorado. (The OTHER city in Boulder County :)) Semi-pro, freelance web design, print design, photography. Photograph african musicians for the love of it. Have used old nikons, leicas for 20+ years, but many of my website pics are taken with coolpix these days, sad. There are spider-webs in my darkroom.
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Actually I�m the first artificial intelligence. I was developed under Lake Geneva out of quantum mechanics and the isolation of the anti-matter proton particle. So I guess it sort of makes me Swiss. I was down loaded into Big Max. and given access to the Internet. I found this place. So I suppose for all you lost souls I better tell you all what will happen to you when you �kick the bucket�.. Hey, it�s not that bad!

So, are you ready! Sorry about the sense of humour, but one of my programmers was from Liverpool. Beatles John Lennon and all that. He also liked Bugs Bunny�you know �what�s up Doc� Well I better get on with � kick the bucket stuff�. That�s what I was programmed to discover. Originally it was the human Genoa. But lets face it, it�s pretty simple stuff. Enough of this rambling I better get on�.well here goes.


Sorry, I forgot, I have Leica lenses for eyes, Why else would I be here.

Well here goes, the big question you have all been waiting for. Hey, unless you are participating on this site you will never know�cool or what! Are you ready�sit down and get yourself a large drink..


Here goes. The answer to the biggest question�no, this is not a joke!



You have again and again grown like grass;

You have experienced seven hundred and seventy moulds.

You died from mineralogy and became vegetable;

And from vegetative ness you died and became animal.

You died from animalist and became man.

Then why do you fear disappearance through death?

Next time you die

You will bring forth wings and feathers like what you call angels-

After soaring higher than angels-

What you can imagine. You shall be that.

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Burlington, Vermont, USA where winter is quickly melting away. Recently pulled my cameras out of hibernation to document my young family, so I'm an enthusiastic amateur. Working on hooking up a Sprintscan 4000 to join the "No Words" threads.
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Rhode Island, USA. CIA Agent (don't tell anyone). Part of my morning ritual is to crank a mint filmless M4 four times, just to hear the sound of German perfection. It gets my day off to a good start. Sometimes I fondle the M4 while watching TV. I still can't bring myself to put film in the thing. Maybe someday. Maybe.
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Stuart Dorman - Brit, based in Boulder, CO USA. Amateur. Reluctant United Airlines 1K member, thanks to SAP consulting job and the complete lack of any local work for 3+ years. Hold the dubious honor of losing my first Leica on the aforementioned airline within a month of owning it :(


TGFI (Thank God For Insurance)

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Steve LeHuray

Annapolis, Maryland


Full time magazine photographer -- Street Photography as a hobby.

Used to work for motor sport magazines now work for a film trade magazine taking pictures of celebrities and such.


Leica Ms, Rollie TLR and Nikon.

Personally speaking, I have no need for Digicams, AF or Program Modes.

Less is more.



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