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St.Louis, MO

Brand new amateur with a Leica- previously used Olympus SLR and recently a digital (not the same!). Have just begun to understand what shooting with a Leica really means- the solid feel, the control, the mystique and most importantly the lens. Am awaiting development of my first roll of film with an M7 35ASPH.

Thanks to all in the forum for their advice, wisdom and encouragment. I hope to learn from you all for many years and someday be able to offer my own tips based on experience.


Geoffrey Hamill

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Since you asked: A sometimes serious amateur for the past 50 or so years. Been torturing Nikons until recently, when I decided to try some Leicas for their glass. I guess I could get paid, but it is more fun to be free. I am retired and live in Welfare, Texas, and hope my place of residence is not an indication of my financial standing.


Ciao, Tony

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Sheldon Hambrick, Fremont CA (35 miles south of San Francisco CA). Trained as an engineer, MBA. Work in information technology. Amateur photog since 8th grade. First Leica was a M2 back in 1994. Recently got back into the M-system this year. Hopefully will have time and money one day to get serious about large format.
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John Abela, Astoria New York, amateur

Wish had more time to shoot, need to use more and spend less. My life time photographic achievement was getting my name mentioned as a photographer and volunteer in the book: Here is New York: a democracy of photographs. A book which documents the photographs taken by amateurs and professionals alike pertaining to 9/11. http://hereisnewyork.org/sponsors/photographers.asp

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Olivier Reichenbach, from Montreal (Province of Quebec), passionate clumsy amateur, dreamt

of Leicas for forty years before getting my first two years ago. Several freelance trades, all in

entertainment and show-biz: director for the stage (drama, opera, musical), drama teacher,

set-designing teacher, drama translator, translator and director for french dubbing of

english-speaking films, dubbing teacher for actors... the list goes on. Father of two, two days old


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