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Charles Barcellona


Southeast Florida, shooting "semi-pro" since the mid 70's. I shoot weddings, social events, the occasional portrait for money. My love is nature photography, and so far no $$$ coming in from that.


My full time vocation is field service technician for a local industrial products supplier. I get to play with lots of interesting techologies and a few grunt ones too (ie, from radio telemetry to "shovel")

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Was wondering when you are going to chime in for our little directory...Thanks for participating, now we know where you are from, and I wish you the best of luck meeting someone nice from Venus. Have a nice Sunday :-).
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Amateur. Day job is Loss Prevention Engineer with an insurance company, with home in Singapore posted to all over Asia, and Home Home in Toronto Canada, where I spend a few months a year on leave and working by wire. Mainly 35 mm stuff now but practising 8x10 B&W for retirement which will be in 18 months, if I survive the travel.


York Univ in Toronto offers tuition-free arts courses for those over 60, so I plan to take Fine Arts course then. I have been shooting pix off and on since 1964.

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Creative Director of an Advertising Agency, and own a photo

studio in Franklin, Michigan (a small town outside of Motown).


Contact with prominate photographers and cinematographers

in my ad career keeps me a humble amateur no matter how

much $ I make shooting photographs. Leica user for 25+years.

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I'm located in Manhasset NY (moving to Wash DC area soon). I'm a doctor & do cancer related research. That's fortunate because my photographic skills are not such that I would want to try to make a living doing photography. But I do like Leica. :-)
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