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It appears to me recently through off-line correspondence that we

have quite a few of our PN memebers not living in the US. While this

is no surprise to me, what is curious is some of the members are from

very far and remote corners of the world. This also explains why the

forum seems to go on 24/7.


It also darned on me that some of us are professional photogs, some

semi-pro and others, of course hobbyist. I am very interested in

about who are the professionals, because your experience and comments

are very important.


So can I ask the questions : What is your place of domicile for the

last 3-6 months? Please don't tell me/us about your nationality, this

is FBI, CIA and INS's dept., it's none of my business. Secondly,

please qualify that by a simple : Pro, semi-pro and fun/amateur/what

have you.


For those of us in the US, it would be nice if you can tell us your

state, so that we have some reference of time of where you are

posting. Reason for that is sometimes I sent a reply to another

member, and I didn't get an answer right-a-way, I got disappointed.

However, if I knew this person should be sound asleep at those wee

hours, I shouldn't expect any reply.


Fair enough?


Since I asked the questions, I'll go first :


Sandy Shore, California, hopeless amateur.


Waiting for yours.....


PS : My definition of a professional photog = You got paid for your

work, even if it's one dollar. An amateur = Like me, where I have to

buy a six pack to bribe my friends to look at my pix. Your

definitions are yours.

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Silverton, OR. (born here) 45 year old Local Truck Driver paid for my photo work when I can get it and a collector by nature. Once spent 14 years as an internationally known Custom Knifemaker lots of published photos of knives. Now I get the bills paid on time. Only Leica intrest at this time 1950-1960 LTM
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