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I don't like this bit about "I am very interested in about who are the professionals, because your experience and comments are very important." It sounds like you want to ignore any useful future input from anyone but 'pros'. In any case, I think you will find the 'pros' more set in their ways and only understand a small gamut of experience, whereas amateurs read the magazines and books and learn more. Take film processing, most pro's stick to one developer because its the safe known entity for their commercial work. Amateurs on the other hand have the luxury to experiment with a broader range of chemicals simply because it isn't a 'pay the food bill or die' situation.


But what the heck. Steve Barnett, ex pro photojournalist, currently model manufacturer, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

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Hey Sandy, ol' pal!


I've been living here (for more than a month or two) in the <i>real</i> Berlin, as you can see from my address (although I think there is, in fact, a total of 7 Berlins on this globe). I am a research scientist checking out this, that and the other, so watch your hair, spit, ... etc as re DNA. My hobbies include cooking, classical music (also playing it on my own instruments), scuba diving, biking, raising the labradors (dogs). In my spare time -- if I have it -- I go out (w or w/o one of the bikes) and shoot my M6 TTL full. I'm not even a good amateur!

<p>As re time o' day, it is here in Leica land exactly 6 h later than "Eastern" time, or 9 h later than e.g. in Seattle or Anchorage.

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From from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


Another want-to-be-advanced amateur who recently (last year) and happily switched from a manual Pentax Spotmatic to totall automatic Nikon N80 to M6 ttl. I appreciate all the comments on the forum, from any level, new amateur to active and retired professional. And the forum is much more interesting because of contributions from all over the world.

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Brooklyn, NY. After six years as an assistant and freelance

photog and teaching photography and B&W darkroom freelance,

I have taken a job selling lighting gear and darkroom supplies at

B&H! Also recently started teaching regular classes with two

community organizations here in Brooklyn- and still shooting

some freelance stuff. Come see me in the store over in the

lighting department next time you are in B&H (and pray for me

back in retail...).

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Apalachin, NY--Remember the l957 mob meeting? I wasn't here then, unfortunately. I'm a former professional--news correpondent, feature writer and photographer for 15 years. Been using Leicas since mid-60s. And Steve is correct: those tight deadlines didn't allow for a lot of experimentation--it was Tri-X and Acufine down the line (Diafine in Vietnam--better temperature latitude). I still do a little photofeature work. And I don't care whether the advice is coming from an amateur or pro--only matters that it's good advice. The forum is a godsend.
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Sandy, I live in California. Street photographer. Considerable experience with painting and writing.<P>The question of "amateur" or "pro" seems largely irrelevant to me regarding photography. There is plenty of nice work that never gets "bought", and lots of pure crap that does.<P>By your standard, van Gogh would have had to answer-"Amateur".;)

<P><a href="http://www.photo.net/shared/community-member?user_id=523880">-- Ray Haack</a>

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