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Jacques Leonard. Laval (Qc) Canada. Just north of Montreal.

Professional designer, amateur(?!?) photographer for the past

30 years.

I often use photography as a tool for my business. I worked as

photographer assistant for a while when I was younger. I sell

photos from time to time. I won contest with my photography. But

I am an amateur! Pros get their bread & butter with their pictures.

I don't. And I don't intend to.

Read today's Mike Johnson column on Pro & Amateur on

Luminous Landscape site. It is right on!



Best to you all!

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Near Frankfurt, Germany. At the age of 19 first SLR, Minolta XG2, later tried other Minolta-Bodys and lot of lenses. At age 21 swap to Olympus OM1, later OM2 and OM4, again lot of lenses, especially since ebay. Last year, age 42, got used Leica M6 + 35/2, fulfilled an old dream. Will sell Olympus now. Like to photograph everything what get attention of my eyes. Still get red ears when take photos in public.
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Josh Root, Anacortes, Washington (north of Seattle, in the San Juan islands), Pro shooting/filming "extreme" sports (mostly BMX bicycles and wakeboarding). Hopefully, soon to be grad school student in the Journalism department at Univ of British Columbia.
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Ivar Wind Skovgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark (just north of Germany).


Amateur, sold one print. Sometimes physics/astronomy student, sometimes database programmer, currently part time cinema projectionist - moving two miles of film around gives you an entirely new view of 35mm :)

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Oregon City, Oregon. Looks like the NW does have good coverage.


Full time Information Systems Administrator but have donated photography to the University I work at. So I've been published but never paid. What does that make me then?


The only Leica equipment I use is the table tripod and large ball head. But based on the number of Leica related books I've bought over the last year it's only a matter of time. Did just get the new little 45mm Tessar-like Nikkor for my FM3A to try and duplicate the Lecia look though. We'll see.

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