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I really thought that I responded before-must have been a different thread!


I work in lower Manhattan (NYC), live on Long Island, have been trying my hand at image making for the past 55 years (I started when I was 12), have used a Leica M cameras and lenses for over twenty years, and although I once thought of photography as a profession I've been a consultant in Educational Research & Evaluation for thirty-six years. I'm a real amateur photographer (mostly travel and family). It continues to be a gas!

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I am an amateur and hobbyist for 3 years preceeded by 5 years of the same

back in the early 70's. Quit to chase the "almighty dollar" and ---caught some

but not all----- Am a retired equipment lessor living in the Las Vegas NV area.

Spent 13 years in Manly NSW and speak fluent Antipodean, both versions.

Just bought a scanner and have vowed to have something up on the Forum

by July 4th. Don't know how how I would get through a day without the Forum

since I use it as a substitute for gambling! Fondling my Leica's substitutes for

visits to gentlemen's clubs! Wife Julie, approves of both of the former--

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Well, I'm a New Yorker (work in NYC, but live on Long Island). I've been trying my hand at image making for 55 years, mostly as an amateur, although I actually earned a few dollars in photography during the late fifties-including a time as a Army photog using a 4x5 Speed Graphic. I finally made it to the world of Leica M about fifteen years ago. I earn my living working for a consulting firm, but gain my real enjoyment from family and travel photography.


It's amazing how many have responded to this thread from across the globe. Great idea Sandy.





-- Alan Simon , March 26, 2003; 04:49 P.M. Eastern

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Meadville,PA. Originally from Rochester, NY. Worked college summers for EK in 1960's as color paper inspector and film emulsion tester for 126 Kodacolor. New York State Department of Transportation road project photographer 1970. First Leica photo 1955.1966 birthday present: IIIg/50 Elmar f2.8 first Leica/lens. Humble amateur since 1966. Still have the IIIg and Elmar.
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