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    • Hi @Niels - NHSN and @AJG, Thanks for welcoming me in the forum and thanks a lot for both of your answers! They were really helpful and inspired me to try something out. I was researching quite a lot this week and was even thinking about buying a Leitz Focomat v35 with a Vario Contrast Module to be better equipped for splitgrade printing. The fact that the original bulbs aren't on the market anymore made me step away from it for now though. However, I could solve the problem of enlarger shake by applying a clothespin nearby the M600's lens that simply holds the multigrade filter. As there's almost no vibration involved when opening and closing it, the final image is sharp. Really happy about that and today's final print! As both of you are experienced users of the M600 I'd like to ask two more question. I got mine about 2 1/2 years ago and it came without the Sixma 35mm mask and its countermask Sixnema. I'm using a DIY solution which is quite okay but I might have the chance to grab those secondhand. If you used those my question is if they prevented the occurrence of Newton's rings on the print? Would be great to know! Also I always used the 80mm Componon even for 35mm negatives which works alright for the largest sizes I'm printing at the moment which is 7x9,5“ as I don't have the Sixtub lens panel for my other 50mm lens. Kinda hard to get those missing parts nowadays but I might also could get a hold of one of those. If you used the 50mm lens already how big could you go when enlarging on the easel that is sitting on the baseboard of the enlarger?  Thanks in advance again! Thomas     
    • Utrecht in the rain Pentax Espio AGFA APX400
    • For the 15th Canon P 35 mm f2.8 Kodak Ektar 100
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