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Pentax 67 45mm


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You will get vignetting with the Cokin P holder,the exact amount varies with your focusing distance.I've cut off the last two slots on my Cokin holder,and vignetting has been almost reduced. Of course, I can only use one filter at a time. Regular circular filters cause no vignetting that I have found, even with polarizers. You will have problems if you stack circular filters.

Hope this helps - Its a super lens by the way!




Mike Mahoney

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I have had the same experience with my 45mm. Cutting off all but one of the slots on a Cokin P eliminates vignetting. On the other hand, I ran a test stacking circular filters and could not eliminate vignetting at any focal distance or aperture combination. But I regularly use an 81b with no problems at all. Of course I never shoot wide open; don't know if that would make a difference or not.





Bob Cook

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I've run into the same problem with the 45mm when trying to use a graduated neutral density filter. Two solutiions: to hand-hold the grad in front of the lens, as long as your exposure is short, or to cough up the money for a 105mm-wide Heliopan holder and 4x6 inch grad.I've tested the Heliopan and found no vignetting. Stacking filters, however, does vignette. I'll opt to hand-hold for the few times I need a grad.
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I know that it is some time since this question was asked, but I have

a 45 mm lense which I use with a Lee Filters 82mm adapter ring. The

Lee Filters are 100 mm across and 150 mm long, I don't get any real

problem with vignetting. Just occasionally a very slight darkening in

the corners but nothing too drastic. Changing to a bigger filter size

might be an answer to vignetting problems, you can also take off some

of the sections on the filter holder to make it less likely to cause

vignetting. In its standard form it can take 3 filters at the same

time, but you could reduce that to 1 or 2 if need be.

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