Film is Dead for Overseas Travel…

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  1. Go over on a boat and damn the airlines.
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    Hmm... I'm thinkin' icebergs...
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    Alas, on all the cruise ships I have been on I still had to put my carry on bags through a scanner before boarding.
  4. My $.02. For a number of reasons, I prefer film - one of them being a smaller footprint for the street - Nikon FE2:and two primes. A few months back I posted on the Nikon forum (no reason to repost here) about the feasibility of film for a “la Ruta Maya” archaeological photography trip to Guatemala if COVID ever abates and travel is once again possibie. I decided not to go with film. While I can probably get hand inspections from TSA in Houston, Guatemala is a different scenario. Lots of narco traffic across the Peten - I’m not about to request hand Inspections from the drug police at El Munrdo Maya airport in Flores, Guatemala. Who knows where that would lead! Looks like I go with my giant D700, a few primes, and rely on NIK software if I need the film look.

    I can’t risk having film damaged, no matter how slightly, from CT scanners.
  5. I have consistently and successfully required hand inspection of film in the U.S., Britain, France, South Korea, Mongolia (twice!), Slovenia, Germany, etc. One must be very persistent and polite. There was one time they threw it through the xray anyway, but I had it in a fully lead-lined pouch. I told them in advance about the lead, they did it anyway, got the big black blob I warned them about, and THEN hand inspected it. It worked fine without ruining the film; though that was about 3 years ago.
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