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  1. After some research, BTW, Freytag has the best instructions for using the bellows, although he doesn't include the latest model. Shell has some good information as well, but Wildi, rather surprisingly, has the least.
  2. Thanks Orsetto. My bellows, which I bought years ago and put on the shelf, did not come with a hood or adapter so I guess I'll ne looking for one. Then again, I imagine that the regular hood I use on the 120mm lens might be adequate as well.
  3. Can I use a 120mm CF lens with a late-model (single rail) Automatic Bellows Extension? And If do use the 120 lens, will I need an adapter to fit the adjustable lens shade?
  4. Thanks for the help. After some tinkering and, most importantly, READING THE MANUAL, the camera is working as it should.
  5. Are you speaking from experience? I've bought several V-System cameras on Ebay and all have worked perfectly from the get-go. I've shot hundreds of exposures with them with our problems, except for a jam or two that I created by failure to follow proper procedure. I think you are exaggerating .
  6. FWIW, I sold my 553 and bought a 555 on the advice of Ernst Wildi, who wrote that it is a worthwhile and recommended upgrade.
  7. At this point, with the lens assembly removed, the shutter release mechanism will not travel. Perhaps there is some sort of interlock that is preventing this?
  8. A friend asked me to look at a Mamiya C33 that appears to be inoperative. The winding crank works but it won't cock the shutter, and although I can manually cock the shutter the shutter on the side of the lens the lens release button won't travel far enough to release it. I guess something is jammed, but what?
  9. Unless the price of this camera is VERY cheap I'd forget about it and find a better one. As far asI know, the ELM cameras are not easy to repair these days.
  10. Thanks for this Orsetto! I plan to use it on my 50mm Black Swan "C" lens but haven't had the chance as yet.
  11. After a little research (Freytag) I discovered that this filter appears to be similar to the Rolleisoft and older (uncoated) Duto filters, which utilize concentric rings moulded into them, designed to give a soft, halo-like effect.
  12. I'm wondering. what the 63mm diffusion filter for the Hasselblad 50mm C lens and early SWC looks like compared to the Softars, which I don't really care for. Any experience with these?
  13. Very nice. But is the light shining directly on the subject or is it traveling toward the camera through the backdrop? That would be my situation.
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