Best way to divide Developer into multiple bottles

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  1. Hi,
    I am thinking of buying multiple 100ml bottles to store HC-110 so that I can improve the longevity of the chemical.
    I was wondering if anyone has tried using medical sterile vials such as these.

    I am thinking of using a syringe to extract the chemical whenever I need.
    Do you think these bottles prevent air contact? Or the pores in the rubber are not good enough to keep the air away.

    Thanks for your advice :)
  2. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire

    The HC110 concentrate is quite viscous; if you mean to use a syringe with a needle, penetrating a self-sealing rubber top, I think you'll struggle to get it to flow at an acceptable rate. I draw it up with a pipette. That has its problems too; quite a lot stays in the pipette when I drain it out, so I wash it out a couple of times with the water I'm mixing the concentrate with.
    I haven't done this with HC110, but if I were to divide a batch of developer, I'd just use a number of rigid glass bottles with good quality screw lids. The one you have open and part-used will have air in, but the rest might keep better. I don't think HC110 degrades that fast anyhow.
  3. I see, thats a good tip.
    Maybe dividing into 10 bottles of 100ml each would be a good idea for my setup (as I will be mostly developing a E 1:47) in a single 35mm Film tank.
  4. Not enthusiastic. I fear those bottles will hold a lot of air besides your 100ml? Are you going to sink marbles in each of them? Or spray?
    Do you own a veterinarian syringe that will hold 100ml? Anything smaller is an ill fitted tool.
    If I was to do lots of film again with powder for 2.5l developer, I'd fill lab bottles for storage. I'd devide them into smaller ones for usage, taking what I need from a 0.5l one. I think I still have cans of Tetenal Protectan.
    For measuring I used cylinders that I had marked with sticky tape.
  5. AJG


    Unless you expect the bottle of concentrate to last for a decade, don't worry about decanting the HC 110 into smaller containers. The concentrate lasts a long time in the original bottle and you would lose a lot of chemistry in the process if transferring it.
  6. Thats great to know, Thanks a lot for these insights.
    Saves me some $$ too :D
  7. Might be good to put marbles in the concentrate bottle, as you use some up,
    to keep it full. Easier than squeezing air out, though a little squeeze is good.
  8. Screenshot_20220519_232843.jpg
    Looks as if Amazon has made your decision for you.

    I'm beginning to wonder if Amazon actually has stock of anything. Nearly everything I've looked at on their website lately is "currently unavailable".
  9. :D True.
  10. When I bought the big bottle of the syrup I stored it in the fridge (not the freezer). Some time later I split it into several smaller bottles full to the brim, but on warming up one to room temp,the HC-110 expanded and fra,ctured the glass.

    What a mess.

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