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    Lost Railroad

    kurt, this is a great scene and a very fine picture. I'll second all the positive comments that appear above mine. The "soft" feel is well achieved. I am bothered slightly by one thing. I wish the railroad tracks were positioned a little differently. Maybe i'm wishing they both exited at the bottom of the frame instead of one out the side. I'd also be tempted to rotate the image ccw slightly, just enough to make the railroad ties horizontal. I'm not sure if it would help, but it's an idea. Thanks for sharing!
  1. rick, I shot this handheld, and zoomed out significantly, so there's a good chance that's the cause of the softness. I was also using a lens that didn't perform very well, which I have now replaced. thanks for your comments!
  2. this is a different twist on the bells... those puddles were in the perfect spot, almost like you put them there. if i had to change something, i'd get rid of those branches on the left, since we can't see the rest of the tree.
  3. paul & will, thanks for your thoughts. i will attach the original shot. as I stared at it, I just felt like it was needing some kind of treatment, i wasn't sure what, so I thought i'd try a rather drastic blurring. I didn't know if it would help or hurt, and I'm still not convinced one way or the other, but it seems by the reaction it's not a big hit. oh well, just an experiment.

  4. Neil, i agree. i've already brought up the donkey's face as much as I could in PS without it looking unnatural. the difference between sky and foreground was just too much to overcome. I had hoped that the adjustments I made were enough to make a pleasing photo, but i guess it's still too dark.
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