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Canon 6D Mark II


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These rumors always fascinate me... not the rumors themselves mind you, but the reaction and speculation based on them! We frequently see the advice "There's a new version coming soon, you should probably wait to make a purchase until it's been announced/been released/been built" - even when the product won't hit the street for months or even years (how long, for example, having we been seeing 6D2 rumors?)... smh.


Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'll be a great camera, but I wouldn't expect 6Ds to start selling for pennies the minute the mk2 hits the street... new units will get clearanced out at a couple hundred (at most) off after the supply of the new units has stabilized, but it'll likely take months and months before there is a significant impact on the used market.

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I agree with Marcus after watching other brands & the market in general. If the 1100Euro currently asked are an obstacle 200 Euro clearance rebate still don't buy lots of great glass. Also: It is nice to have a backup body; so folks might not trade in their old stuff. Especially not when a newer version got released to make their losses bigger. Was the 6D ever aimed at a market lusting for latest & greatest?
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There is always going to be new model coming every few years. It is what they do. Something is improved, could be



Focusing system





You never really know till it is released.

The 6D is a good camera.

The next version will improve on it. Just have to wait and see how.

Cheers, Mark
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Images and more information about the 6D II (if you can read Japanese) are available at,




According to,


"Pricing & More Information About the EOS 6D Mark II [CR3]

« on: June 17, 2017, 11:20:55 AM »

A few more bits of information about the EOS 6D Mark II have come to us, and further confirmation of what we have already told you.



We have confirmed that all 45 AF points will be cross-type, as well as the camera having a single SD card slot and body only pricing of $1999 in the US. Pricing for the EOS 6D Mark II is $100 less than the launch price of the original EOS 6D.



Canon EOS 6D Mark II Specifications:



  • 26mp CMOS Sensor
  • DPAF
  • DIGIC 7
  • 1080P 60p (sadly, no 4K)
  • 45pt AF all cross-type
  • Single SD card slot
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • 3″ Vari-Angle LCD
  • Touchscreen
  • Approx 100% viewfinder
  • HDR Movie
  • Time Lapse Movie
  • A slightly taller and deeper body over the current EOS 6D.
  • New battery grip BG-E21
  • Announcement on June 29, 2017, Shipping in early August
  • Price: $1999 body only USD "

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The usual? If they 'll claim to have done some, you 'll still have to trust it at your own expense. Goretex & wax cotton clothes are sold for weather protection & I got soaked in both.

A camera is either amphibian or money wagered.

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It looks like it's going to be a nice upgrade with many improved features. Personally I'm disappointed it doesn't do 4K video. I like to shoot video as well and to me a new release should have that capability. Outside of that I think it will be a nice improvement. I've been very pleased with my 6D.
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I am a photographer, I don't need articulated screen. I do need 1/8000 sec. I prefer built-in screens, I consider them more robust. The specs look promising, though.



The 5D MkIV delivers what you need, and then some.

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There is info circulating online, that its body is glass-fiber/plastic mounted on a magnesium chassis. 2000 USD for a plastic body?


why not to look at 5D3, they go at discount.

A good camera with an old sensor. Very robust they say.

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Good summary of specs for the 6DII vs 5DIII vs 5Div:




For the money I can certainly see a 5DIII being a viable alternative. For the some (me) the weight difference would make a 5DIII a non-starter as would the older sensor (no DR upgrade). For tripod users, the articulated screen and duel pixel live view AF could be the need to have feature. My issue with Canon in the last few years is that they seem to set their product line as if they are only in competition with themselves. Lack of 4K video, and borrowing AF module from an 80D (too closely packed AF points on a FF body) does little to entice non EOS users to buy. I may consider a 6DII to replace my ancient 5D I at some point but I would also check out the Sony A system as well, depending on how well my existing "L" lenses operates on it.

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