Which camera would you select in 1971?

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  1. Darrin Corzine posted the same question using 1959. By 1971, Nikon SLRs had some serious contenders by Canon, Minolta and Pentax
    and others. I might have selected a Canon F1.
  2. Nikon F , Leica M-4, Sinar P 4x5 and 8x10, Hasselblad 500C/M (or 500C), Hasselblad SWC.
  3. Same answer as in the 1959 thread: Hasselblad 500 C/M and Sinar, by now it would be the P.<br>One year too soon for the Olympus OM-1, a couple more for the OM-2. Alas.
  4. SCL


    1971 - ah a good year. I'd buy the Leica M4 (which I bought in '69).
  5. I would likely go with a Nikon F2, especially if I had known that Canon would orphan the FD line.
  6. Two Olympus Pen FV bodies and all the lenses and lens adapters I could lay my hands on before they were discontinued. Especially the 38mm f2.8 pancake. Wish I could time travel.
  7. The one I did select in 1971: Rolleiflex 3.5F Whiteface
  8. 1971? So far as 35mm is concerned, I bought my first Canon EOS in '69, thereby embarking on a journey that continues... However, I also bought my first Pentax 6x7 in 1971, a choice I've never regretted. I still have that original body, and it's still fighting fit.
  9. Hassleblad 500cm.
    Kent in SD
  10. Tough choice. I got a Miranda Sensorex in 1970. It developed problems by 1973 and the company was out of business. Knowing what I know now, probably a Nikon F2. But there were many really tempting SLRs in that era, many of which are still functional today.
  11. That's a pretty easy one, or close at least. I fell in love with the mighty F the first time I saw one. I did not have much money back then, but in 1970 I scraped up what I could and went to New York and bought a used Nikon F Photomic with a new 1.4 lens on it. If I'd had to wait until 1971 I'd probably have shot for a used Photomic T.
    I still have the lens, but traded the Photomic for a Photomic FTn some time around 1980. I still have that one. I also still have the camera the first F replaced, a Leica IIIb.
  12. New Canonet QL17, Nikkormat FTn, Olympus 35 SP.
  13. What was I dreaming of in my earlier response?! EOS in 1969? 1989, more likely. I'm getting confused with the Canon F-1 I bought in 1971, the camera that switched me from Nikon to Canon.
  14. I didn't know much about SLR's until 1975 or so and didn't meet the F2 until 1976. The minute I saw it I wanted one and at the age of 17 I bought a motor driven F2. It cost three times as much as the car I had then. Truthfully I have never needed any other camera since. I've had a bunch but nearly everything I've ever done with a camera could be done with the F2. For the times I needed MF it was either an RB67 or a 500C with my preference being the RB. This past Saturday I took an F2 and a Nikkormat out to an air show/fly-in and remembered why I was so pleased with that combination.

    Rick H.
  15. C330 and Leica M2 & 3 beaters. No clue about SLRs, I picked k-mount later which isn't out in 71.
  16. I'd buy a Nikkormat FTN, as I did in 1971. It was the right camera for my budget.
  17. I did, Nikon F2. followed by the F3.
  18. By 1971 I was using some of my Dad's cameras although I didn't have my 35mm or 120 camera yet. Even though my first Minolta SRT was still seven years away in my future I liked the features that the SRT 101 offered. I also wanted a Konica Auto S2, which I actually did get three years later.
  19. In the fall of 1971 I got a chrome Konica Autoreflex T2 with a 57/1.4 Hexanon - chrome & black with the EE lock pin- with the strap and case. If I could go back to 1971 I might do some things differently. The F-1 was nice but did not have automatic exposure without many attachments. The Konica served me well. The original one was traded late in 1975 for a T3 but I have many T2s in my collection now.
  20. I just bought a black Nikon F2AS a few months ago that I would rate EX II. Only some marks around the tripod hole.
    Unusual to see such a clean F2 nowadays. I would like to contribute some camera porn but the only working computer I
    have as of late is an iPad 4, and I am of limited tech skills. Some of you may understand why when in my youth, we
    called today Decoration Day.
  21. A Nikon F2, or a Canon F1.....what a choice!
  22. The Minolta X-1/XK/XM wasn't available until 1973.
  23. although I bought a miranda d in 1961.
    I realixed despite having a removable prim. it was a dead end desigh( it still is functional)
    I was given a senorex in 1972.
    buy I would have bought a canon ae-1 if I were buying a camera.
    I did get a canon ae-1 25 years leter
    and I like it.
  24. Les, you proved my point. Announced in 1972, available 1973, not available 1971.
  25. In '71 I was shooting a Pentax Spotmatic. I bought it in 1967 and used it until it was stolen in the late 1970s. I only had two Pentax lenses, a 50mm f/1.8 and a 200mm f/3.5 and a 2.0x teleconverter.
    Oh, I still had a Yashica 44 in my arsenal, but it was beginning to fall apart after around ten-years of usage. It made stunning 44mm square slides. I bought it with lawn mowing money when I was 11. The Pentax was my preferred camera, except for landscape, then the 44 was champ.
  26. In 1971 I was eleven, so I would have bought a Halina Paulette, because that's all I could afford (and it's what I did buy when I was thirteen). It got the job done, and taught me how to use a camera.
  27. I'm with John Burton, except I was nine in 71, and I had a Polaroid something-or other, I think, b/c that's what my family could afford. The earliest 35mm SLR I recall lusting for was some "Cambron" model you could get for $99 which was still way outside my income bracket. Never did get one.
    Today it's a different story, and my favorite camera from that time period is Nikon's F2. I also enjoy Minolta's SRT-101 which predates 1971 by a bit.
  28. In 1971 I was using a Canonflex and intending to upgrade to a Canon F1, which I finally did a year or two later. I used the original F1 until 1985, when it was stolen and I replaced it with another used F1. After a few years I replaced that camera with the new version of the F1, which lasted me until the digital revolution and a rapidly changing series of cameras that went obsolete and were replaced by "new/improved" models. Buying Canon F1s was a good choice, and, in retrospect, I would not have done anything differently.
  29. "Which camera would you select in 1971?"​
    In 1971, when Nikon introduced the F2, I replaced my F body with an F2 body. The F2 was a new and improved version of the 20-year old Nikon F. Minor improvements included a top shutter speed of 1/2000th of a second compared to 1/1000th of a second; a top flash synchronization speed of 1/80th of a second compared to 1/60th of a second; an improved metering system; and a better ergonomic design. One major improvement was the F2 motor drive that was interchangeable with any F2 body whereas each Nikon F motor drive had to be custom fitted to each F body.

    Today, I still use that same Nikon F2.

  30. I owned a second hand Dacora Digna 6x6 cm camera at the time, but often borrowed my brother's newly bought Lubitel 2. I was starting to look at an Olympus OM-1, but couldn't afford one. A few years later I bought an OM-10.
  31. 1971 was the year I bought my first quality 35mm camera. I didn't know a Nikon from a Canon from a Leica from a
    Minolta, etc. I went to my local camera store where the camera guy showed me about everything they sold. After looking
    at them all, I ended up buying a Canon FTb with a 50/1.4 lens. I do the same today.
  32. Very easy choice: The Mamiya RB67.
    For 35mm i'd chosen the Canon F-1, no need for the cumbersome "nikon twist" needed with the pre-AI lenses back then.
  33. Hasselblad C/M, which was not affordable to me. Few years later I used to shoot with a Pentax 6x7.
  34. I selected an M3 with a DR Summicron. Don't have that one but I'm staring at another now.
    Still shoots great
  35. Here is what I was using at that time:
    Leica M2x (no self-timer) with Summicron 50 (still have these)
    Pentax Spotmatic with 35, 50, 135 lenses
    Mamiya C3 with 80mm (still have these, as well)

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