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  4. Home made gold effect filter top of the almost B&W image.


  5. BelaMolnar

  6. BelaMolnar

    Fogy sunrise, October

    In photoshop color tinting.


  7. BelaMolnar

    A very nice fine art graphic image you have here. Cheers.
  8. I spend a half-hour just to find a way to replay, make a comments here. It is a colorful disaster, difficult to navigate no logic,commands strewn all over. I think, I'm finis with this new website. To bad I paid my feed for this year. And hardly can I see this bloody light grey text too.. I not going to post anymore and my remove,if I can a whole images of this an-logical web site. Confusig, hard to read the text, UGLY UGLY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .UGLY
  9. Ugly, ugly and ugly. Please don't crop my images to oblivion. The logics of the menus totally an-logical. I don't care about the background and a bigger but butchered thumbnail images which is no longer thumbnail, it is a butchered images. Simple is better and the original format, arrangement was much, much better, viewable, simple and original. I don't b l d care about the colorful background. To rearrange photos in the gallery is creasy, it is not shifting the whole role to the left or right, and the image inserted replacing the image all ready there and the image now goes to the moved image place, which is not the action I like to have, I like to have the system to work as worked before. To rearrange the galleries listing is not working. That mach in the first hour, get tired, live the b l d computer. BLM.
  10. BelaMolnar

    -Daddy, look ...

    Thank you for your comments, for all of you. BLM.
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