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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by John Seaman, May 15, 2017.

  1. During today's browse on the auction sire, I have encountered a Viviparous lens, which hopefully will give forth live young. Also a Visitor lens, a Casino lens, and a Minolta Dynasty body. I could go on.

    Viviparous Macro Focusing Zoom 28-200mm | eBay
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  2. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Thanks, John. And I'd been looking for a "Heliods" 58mm lens. :)
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  3. SCL


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    I bought a "Bogart Flat Shirt Press" off the Bay about 12 years ago. The opening bid was $10, with $25 in shipping--and it was listed in the 'Clothing & Accessories' category. No one else bid on it. Why was the shipping so much? Well, because it weighed nearly 40 pounds, and was actually a Bogen Model 590 dry mount press... :p

    Then there was the "Aluminum & Leather Tracing Box." The seller added the usual proviso "I don't know how this works, I can't open it, and it came with a bunch of stuff from an estate sale." Price with BIN was $20 with $8.50 shipping. The photo was so badly out of focus that it was nearly impossible to tell what it was. It was pretty clear to me what that was. A Graflex Super Graphic camera--that when it arrived turned out to be the Speed version with the Optar/Rodenstock f4.5/1000s lens on it...

    I am still waiting to discover that $10 Leica. As Ron White famously declared, "You can't fix stupid..." :rolleyes:
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  5. Wonderful finds!
  6. Today's odd listing - a Tampon lens.

    Perhaps being offered as a period piece?

    STOP PRESS ..."Sigma Apologize 70-300mm lens 1:4-5.6"
  7. Viviparous- at least the seller didn't "lay an egg".
  8. I’ve got a cup that looks like a lens, so why not?
  9. Too funny!! You can't make this up..
  10. Best fun in months, thank you all!. But, hasn't ebay now started to automatically correct at least the most evident mistakes? Once upon a time, when it was still possible/convenient to buy on US auctions from this side of the pond, I used to make deliberate searches for Voigtwhatever, Zaiss, Nikkon, etc., with interesting results - but all these have since gone. It would certainly understand, though, that a Viviparous lens is beyond the capabilities of even the best spelling check software...
  11. I think I'd hold out for one of the ovoviviparous ones.
  12. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

  13. Sometimes these errors create bargains for the wary customer. Sometimes, on the other hand, create nightmares...
  14. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    One problem is that many of these auction item templates being used now are inaccurate to begin with. I don't know who enters the technical details or writes the descriptions for them, but some of them are a laugh.
  15. I found an "interesting old aluminum camera" listed on eBay by a pawn shop. I was the only bidder for the opening bid, which I recall, was $40. I bought it because the photo looked like an early Linhof. But, when I received it, it obviously was not a Linhof and had no identifying nameplate. So, I posted photos of it on this forum asking for identification. Someone thought that it might be a Kern Bijou. And indeed, it did turn out to be a mid-20's Kern Bijou glass plate camera with movements, a rotating back, and an operational Steinheill lens. It now sits proudly on a display shelf.
  16. The Grim Reaper! (and I bought it too).

    "I have put the camera on for Spears or Reapers as I don't have any battery to test it properly."
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  17. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things

    Maybe so that you don't become too jaded at the stupidity of others, you should stay away from Fleabay... :rolleyes:
  18. Today's auction site oddity - "Vintage Paranoid land camera 1000 with case".
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  19. Is that the special model that takes a photo of what is behind you?
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