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Viviparous Lens

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I bought a "Bogart Flat Shirt Press" off the Bay about 12 years ago. The opening bid was $10, with $25 in shipping--and it was listed in the 'Clothing & Accessories' category. No one else bid on it. Why was the shipping so much? Well, because it weighed nearly 40 pounds, and was actually a Bogen Model 590 dry mount press... :p


Then there was the "Aluminum & Leather Tracing Box." The seller added the usual proviso "I don't know how this works, I can't open it, and it came with a bunch of stuff from an estate sale." Price with BIN was $20 with $8.50 shipping. The photo was so badly out of focus that it was nearly impossible to tell what it was. It was pretty clear to me what that was. A Graflex Super Graphic camera--that when it arrived turned out to be the Speed version with the Optar/Rodenstock f4.5/1000s lens on it...


I am still waiting to discover that $10 Leica. As Ron White famously declared, "You can't fix stupid..." :rolleyes:

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Best fun in months, thank you all!. But, hasn't ebay now started to automatically correct at least the most evident mistakes? Once upon a time, when it was still possible/convenient to buy on US auctions from this side of the pond, I used to make deliberate searches for Voigtwhatever, Zaiss, Nikkon, etc., with interesting results - but all these have since gone. It would certainly understand, though, that a Viviparous lens is beyond the capabilities of even the best spelling check software...
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They're still around - try these :


Pentax Phenix Camera RARE | eBay


Pentax SMC FA 28-70mm f 1.7 Lens | eBay


Pentax-F 70-210mm f405.6 Lens - PK AF fit | eBay


(No ND filter required !)


Pentax Camera Adaptor - Boots | eBay


Pentax K1000 50 mm lens Kit 35mm SLR Film Camera 27075045002 | eBay


Words fail me.


Some you can understand, if a charity is selling items , but even a tiny amount of research would avoid most of these. Have a good chuckle.

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I found an "interesting old aluminum camera" listed on eBay by a pawn shop. I was the only bidder for the opening bid, which I recall, was $40. I bought it because the photo looked like an early Linhof. But, when I received it, it obviously was not a Linhof and had no identifying nameplate. So, I posted photos of it on this forum asking for identification. Someone thought that it might be a Kern Bijou. And indeed, it did turn out to be a mid-20's Kern Bijou glass plate camera with movements, a rotating back, and an operational Steinheill lens. It now sits proudly on a display shelf.
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I opened an interesting-looking little Rexine covered box at a boot fair a couple of years ago. Inside was a retro style lens of simple meniscus + iris aperture construction.


I was intrigued and looked at the lettering around the barrel.

The name of that lens?

"Little Ars"

Honestly! No kidding.


Obviously I bought it for the few quid being asked and did some more research when I got home. There was even a folded up maker's leaflet in the bottom of the box, and apparently a bigger version called "Large Ars" was also available.


Now you really couldn't make that up.:p

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