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Viviparous Lens

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From same auction site:


One of the greatest lens balaincing the performance and affordability....

...You can get a professional grade lens with very realonable price...


Have seen a few instruction manuals from the 60s loaded with grammatical errors. I am not immune to those myself :-D

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31 minutes ago, John Seaman said:

An innovative re-purposing suggestion from an auction site seller:

"NEW Hasselblad ELX Black Body Case. Makes A Fine Cock Case"

That is because Hasselblad at one time presented a clock mounted in a camera shell. As a Photokina boutique item.

So not that far fetched to think about putting a clock inside a camera shell.


Many people ran with the idea and made their own versions.


Now if someone figured out how to make a bald hazelnut or hazel tree...

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I've wondered about "Brownie" myslef... speculation.. but a Brownie is a fairy or wee person in mythology.. friendly enough etc... I seem to recall a wild ruse where some children were using an early camera and made some photos which were sensationalized to "prove" these fairies etc did exist.. it got way out of control ..even AC Doyle made a trip to the place to see for himself.... The pictures were later exposed (pun intended) as a purposeful prank or a mistake in implying they were real... 
Ok ..excuse my general erros.. here'S the Wiki link with thwe whole story


Here'S a link explaining Brownies.. .. my theory is this was the inspiration for Kodak.. my speculation



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