The PENTAX K-1 35mm full-frame digital SLR camera.

Discussion in 'News' started by photo.net_industry_news, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Looking good Pentax!
    Now that the special site is open check it out for yourself here!
  2. I'm glad to see an aesthetically pleasing looking DSLR that breaks the mold of smooth, even curves and a lack of defined edges.
  3. $1800 and looks like it's somewhat better than a D810. Very aggressive move.
  4. I wonder if they are going to have a silver version ?
  5. DPreview gives the camera high praise.
  6. I love mine!
    I admit I was already in the Pentax camp but this is their best (small format) camera yet!
  7. Fortunate Americans! - It's recent US price drop hasn't reached Europe yet.
  8. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    I've had mine about a month. Lovely camera/

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